Multiple attacks reported in Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou

Al Jazeera News, March 2, 2018

say attacks occurred close to the prime minister’s office in Ouagadougou, in
the West African country. 

Faso’s national police force confirmed attacks are taking place near the prime
minister’s office and the UN roundabout [Ahmed Ouoba/AFP] 

attacks have been reported in Ouagadougou, the capital of Western African
country of Burkina Faso, officials say. 
national police force confirmed on Friday that attacks are taking place in an
area near the prime minister’s office and the United Nations roundabout. 
police said in a statement that attacks are ongoing, though it’s unclear if the
information is up to date. 
government statement said four attackers had been killed by security forces,
adding that operations are ongoing in the area.
advised residents to stay away from the area. 
media confirmed that the French embassy was also attacked. An official then
said the buildings are no longer in danger. 
in the day, there were reports of an explosion and gunfire near the
national army headquarters, not far from the French Institute. 
online show a large cloud of black smoke in the downtown area. 
was not immediately clear what caused the blast, though a witness at the scene
told Reuters news agency masked gunmen attacked guards at the military
headquarters following the explosion.

office of Burkina Faso’s prime minister said in a statement on Facebook that
the first ministry building was not attacked, adding there had been no
casualties and “no impact”. 

Chataigner, France’s ambassador to the Sahel, called the incident a
“terrorist attack” on Twitter. 
with colleagues and friends in Burkina Faso,” Chataigner added. 
US embassy in the capital also tweeted that people should avoid downtown
Ouagadougou and “seek secure shelter”. 
Faso is one of a number of countries in the Sahel – an area traversing Central
and West Africa – battling armed groups in the region. 
month, the European Union announced it would double its funding for the G5 Sahel
military force, which aims at combatting armed groups across the region.
force is made up of soldiers from Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad.
2015, Burkina Faso’s elite presidential guards (RSP) attempted to overthrow
ex-President Michel Kafando.
trial of 84 individuals allegedly involved in the failed coup began earlier
this week but was suspended until further notice after defence lawyers walked
out of court just hours after the hearing started.