Palestine: Right for Justice!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 08 February 2017. English Translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. “Palestine First” should be the new solution for the
Middle East. Since the 1948 establishment of the “Jewish State,” and the
contemporaneous nakba — the catastrophic displacement of the Palestinian
people — illegally occupied Palestine has been crying for justice. This is
more so in this year of 2017 which marks the 50th year of the injustice
committed against the illegally ceased territories in 1967.   

Since then the Zionist regime has continuously
maintained its Judaisation policy with illegal settlement expansion by offering
all possible incentives to Jewish settlers who planted themselves like grubs in
the “kosher” speck with an incredibly luxurious lifestyle with all imaginable
advantages including swimming pools, separate streets for “Jews only, “ and a
security system separating them from the Palestinian environment.

How hard-nosed must someone be to live on stolen
Palestinian land without empathy for the impoverished indigenous population
enduring the occupation hardships of minimum electricity and water. How
small-minded must someone be not to be aware of the misery caused to
Palestinians by illegal colonisers who believe they were “chosen” by God who
promised Palestine. If there was a God, how could He have even wanted such a
thing? No way. This Judaism has lost all sense humanity while languishing in the
amoral swamp of Judaism’s “Judea and Samaria.”

In the meantime the West Bank is host to more than
600.000 illegal Jewish settlers have spread their tentacles over stolen
Palestinian land where — in the terminology of the Old Testament — they are
the 11th  plight. Meanwhile,
these illegal Jewish settlers are involved in the essential decisions regarding
the ethnic cleansing policies of Palestine. They literally siphon off
Palestinian water; they murder innocent Palestinians with impunity; and they perpetrate
the terror watched over by the Jewish “Defence Force.” Such terror is
particularly brutal in Hebron where a couple of hundred hard-core settlers
terrorise hundreds pf thousands of Palestinians.  

According to the Israeli human rights organisation
“Breaking the Silence,” extremist settler civil security leaders also legally
hold positions of influence within the Jewish “Defence Force.” Thanks to this
notorious collaboration between the military forces and the Jewish extremist
settlers, the latter are able to assume their own responsibility for security
in the illegally occupied territories. This incredulous situation enables the
occupation army to facilitate the settlers‘ inconceivable terror against
innocent Palestinians. Such barbaric cooperation between the military and extremist
Jewish civilians has become unique in the world where its injustice  and brutality has in the meantime become the

This ethnocratic “Jewish State” is not constitutional and
all that can be said about it is that responsible for administrative detentions,
extrajudicial killings, and continuous land expropriation through ethnic
cleansing with illegal house demolitions and the destruction of infrastructure,
olive trees, and harvests without regard to the norms of legality or justice.

The fifty years illegal occupation has left an
indelible mark on Palestine with its nine-metre high Apartheid wall stretching
for more than 750 km across stolen and occupied Palestinian land separating, and
oppressing Palestinian families; restricting movement with checkpoints
protected by U.S. and European security technology; and dehumanising the already
demoralized Palestinians. While such barbaric policies have been condemned, the
rest of the world has, however, come to accept such conduct as the Israeli
undemocratic norm.

A network of paid Jewish Sayanim — the worldwide
network of so called “Jewish State” helpers – along with Jewish diaspora
brigades, are like a spider’s web spread over the world and the illegally
occupied Palestine. This dedicated network creates mistrust and spreads Israeli
hasbara propaganda where it has been painfully felt – by professors, students,
and activists in universities — particularly in U.S., Germany, and Great
Britain. Such organised support has served to the silence criticism of Israel
for its violations with impunity. The freedom of opinion and the freedom of
teaching which are a high good, and have not to be destroyed by these dangerous
lobbyists. Nip things in the bud!

And if the Parliament of the “Jewish State” which
violates Israeli and natural international law also enforces the law for the
retroactive legalization of thousands of apartments built on private Palestinian
land, then the “only Democracy’ in the Middle East with this Predation policies
will perpetuate the ethnic cleansing and Judaisation of Palestine as a means of
achieving an “Eretz Israel.”

In fact, the inhuman and unjust law of the prohibiting
Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip from accessing
other territories, even within the illegally occupied Palestine, makes them an errant
people without rights, breaks up their families, and makes normal family life
impossible. Meanwhile the hypocritical international community despite of being
aware of such violations, remains tolerant and keeps silent.

The Palestinians in the illegally occupied West Bank
are without rights, but not without justice, even if the representatives of the
Knesset are not allowed to vote about these occupied people. This new and
severe violation against international law represents another increase of the
lawlessness. If this law was adopted, it would be time to bring all
perpetuators to the International Court in The Hague, and to sentence all
involved politicians of the “Jewish State” as international law criminals, Gaza
genociders, war criminals, and land grabbers of the worst kind.

The International Penal Court the German government
puts at disposal more than 135 million Euros is an important institution
Palestine should refer to. However, what does Germany and some EU states – all
Nobel Peace Prize laureates do? They want by all means to prevent Palestine
becoming a Member of the International Criminal Court. You can imagine the
reason. Because of its “particular” relationship to the “Jewish State”? Or
because the Zionist occupiers‘ regime threatens again and again to stop the
non-existing peace talks? However, because the world keeps silent about this blackmailing,
the “Jewish State” is encouraged to commit illegal occupation, human rights
violations, and war crimes.

Now the hypocritical world community is challenged. How
long will it continue to look at this situation without opposing it and even by
financially supporting it? The politics of the Netanyahu regime repeatedly resorts
to scaremongering and agitation against other countries such the “destroyer”
Iran so as to distract from their own crimes, scandals, and attacks.

The “Jewish State” employs resentment politics and has
found an engaged friend and helper in the new US president. The Zionist
occupiers regime has already passed all red lines, without any consequence. How
long can this continue with impunity?

In the actual constellation with US president Trump
who seems to be willing to create a new world order according its daily
changing inspirations without any political understanding, the perspectives of
a future peace and international understanding are more than sombre. With this
President, there will be no state.

Netanyahu and Trump employ the same methods of scaremongering
and agitation which fall on fertile ground with populists along with the traumatized,
the isolated, and the unsatisfied. It is a horrifying phenomenon while in the
meantime the cost for the arms race increases without any proportion because of
invented threatening, a brutal “value hypocrisy,” regime change and drone
politics. If US president Trump, Merkel, Gauck, and von der Leyen, and the EU
supports this aggressive expansion politics, there is danger ahead. Not just
the “bad Russian,” but also the cold and perhaps even real war are ahead. It is
a horrifying NATO strategy pursuing one objective connected with the “Christian-Jewish
community of values”: the maintenance of power by the so called anti-terror
alliance spreading terrorism by itself. However, this “terror” is always for
the “good”; and all this has been pursued by the regime of the “Jewish State”
with impunity since decades through its occupation, expansion, and oppression
politics. Why should something change with the US-politics started under Trump
and his Jewish consultants and Wall street billionaires?

Trump is a dangerous narcissist who believes he has
reached his destination and has discovered the U.S. as game of his longings. All
his promises are insubstantial and “his people,” almost 30% of U.S. citizens,
who were taken in by him and his cheap, misogynist, racist, and islamophobic
election campaign slogans and elected him, will wake up one day and have a bad
surprise. To say nothing of us who saw through him from the beginning and would
have never voted for him.

The right for justice for Palestine for me seems to
move further and further, but exactly in belligerent Trump times this campaign
for a free Palestine should be conducted always more urgently.