International Promotion of Antisemitism!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski,
Sicht vom Hochblauen,
14 March 2018, English Translation
by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.
While I was browsing through my big collection of
articles and images about the abuses of human rights and the denigrating
Israeli crimes against Palestinian civilians, I noticed this image which should
go all around the world as symbol of dehumanization.

IDF-cruelties contribute to Antisemitism
When looking at this picture of 2016, taken in the
illegally occupied Hebron, we have to ask ourselves what is going on in the
heads of such soldiers. For me, the Nehal and Golani brigades which are known
for their cruelty are the example of an inhibited desire to kill. They gloat
over the misery and helplessness of their victims, the occupied Palestinians.
“Antisemitism” detracts from the crimes of the “Jewish
There are hundreds of pictures like this, but in the
German “leading media” they are never shown. This is obvious as our leading
media have been “leading” us into a certain political direction for decades
Human shields
It is also not openly reported that since the
beginning of the illegal occupation of Palestine in 1967 the IDF has been using
Palestinians as human shields to make risky action as safe as possible for the
IDF soldiers. (2
All these cruelties of the “most moral” of all
“defence” armies of the world contribute to increasing Antisemitism. While
looking at such pictures, every compassionate person asks itself how a state
founded after the holocaust, constantly manipulating the holocaust, calling
itself the “unique” democracy in the Middle East, and considering itself as
“light of peoples”, can do such a dark occupation politics. How many innocent
Palestinian women, children, and old people did die because of it? Since 2002,
these tactics have been part of official military politics. There is nothing
“funnier” for the occupation soldier than humiliating a helpless, frightened
All this is only possible because German and US
politics consequently stand for this “Jewish State” and support its occupation
crimes with arms deliveries and speeches of solidarity.
The totalitarian nature of Zionism
In Germany, the totalitarian nature of Zionism, based
on the Judaization as reason of state, is supported by politicians of all
parties. How can you defend the “right for existence” of an occupiers’ state, with
an invented slogan of Hasbara ideologists, who constantly create flowery terms
and metaphors for their illegal occupation crimes. The State of Israel is still
without constitution and clear borders. It is continuously expanding by
stealing Palestinian land.
All know about these crimes against international law,
and the “Jewish State” is allowed a free hand to do whatever. How can it be
that there are still people supporting this occupiers’ state? So, there are only
people who are philosemites or Muslim haters.
Antisemitism caused by the Israel lobby
At the moment, the Israel lobby and its propaganda
make of anti-Semitism one of the main problems in Germany and diffuse it in the
main international media. However, the sad reality is another: While the number
of arsons against mosques and refugee homes is increasing, Antisemitism is
Daily there are discussions about the nomination of a
representative for Antisemitism on a regional and over-regional level in
parliaments and the Bundestag, while the future “homeland minister of interior”
Seehofer has already presented the more than dubious “master plan”, dreaming of
expulsions, and offensively opposing to Muslim perpetuators and “potential
attackers”. We have to ask who the real perpetuators and “potential attackers”
are. How should this be decided, and who should decide? Perhaps in the near
future the “steel helmet Jew” Wolffsohn, who has always been next to the CSU
party, will become Bavarian minister of culture, or perhaps “IM Victoria”
Anetta Kahane of the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung will search for “potential
aggressors”, and H.M. Broder will play the role of the Antisemites’ inquisitor.
Also, Volker Beck needs a new job, after having being refused as competent
person for matters related to Antisemitism.
Deportation as “proven mean” with deterrent effect
While times are getting worse and worse for Muslims in
Germany, Israel friends can be happy. The President of the Central Council of
Jews in Germany fuels prejudices against Muslim immigrants by repeating all the
time that these visits to the concentration camps are a must (!) because
Muslims have to internalize German history and recognise the right for
existence of the “Jewish State” to avoid to be deported as Antisemites. It is
disgusting that Schuster and political officials support this kind of
deportation as “proven mean” with deterrent effect.
Of course, the “Jewish State” and its supporters do
whatever to distract from the crimes in the Jewish occupiers’ state by talking
about the so called “Anti-Semitism”. However, the truth cannot be hidden for
ever, even if there is nothing Zionists fear more than the truth.
80 years from the “Crystal Night”
While synagogues, Jewish institutions and officials
are protected, the protection of mosques and refugee homes does not suffice. And
here immediate action is required because the situation is deteriorating. We have
already noticed the negative results of islamophobia and the continuous
rabble-rousing against Muslims. 80 years after the so called
“Kristallnacht”  today, after the
synagogues, mosques are burning. It might sound like a provocation: however,
actual Muslims are the past Jews. Fortunately, we have not reached the
situation of Nazi Germany, but there are Nazi voices and populists around using
the same demagogic slogans against Muslim citizens. In the media and with our
politicians of all parties constantly opposing to Turkey, Iran, and Russia we
notice how quickly moods are created. One and the same media and politicians
sweep the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or the “Jewish State” under
the philosemite carpet.
After that the Social Party has just ditched the only
foreign minister candidate loved by the voters (although he was closed to the
Israel lobby?), Heiko Maas will be his follower. He is the one who held a more
than dubious conference with his Israeli colleague Ayaled Shaked with her
internalised hatred against Palestinians she compared with snakes. His actual
partner, the actress Natalia Wörner, has already played her role in diplomacy
at the time when Steinmeier was foreign minister. Are these good perspectives
for Palestine?
Israel is an “Apartheid State”
In this context, the “steel helmet Jew” Wolffsohn even
wrote an inflammatory article against foreign minister Gabriel. In this
article, you formally feel the hatred of the Israel lobby and its
representatives who are all happy to have ditched Gabriel who was right when he
called the “Jewish State” an “Apartheid State” and affirmed that it is a lie
that “Arabs” have their full civil rights in Israel! The existence of the
“Jewish State” is engendered by its own behaviour! In contrast to Wolffsohn,
Gabriel has a pragmatic and supporting position towards Iran, Turkey, and
Russia, trying to achieve normalised relations. If Wolffsohn calls Gabriel “Hamas
Poster Boy”, should we call himself “figurehead of the Israeli war ministry”? The
insinuation that Gabriel has deserved an “above-average” consultancy contract
with the mullahs or President Erdogan is packed with wickedness. For sure this
“steel helmet Jew” and passionate Israel expert is paid for his articles! It is
a good thing that this more than controversial “Bundeswehr university
professor” has been given his emeritus status and cannot poison other students!
However, Gabriel
has left a positive heritage: the German support for the United
Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in
the Near East (UNRWA) is guaranteed. So, Maas is confronted by the fait
accompli that the Federal Government will continue the payment of 80 million of
the year 2017.
In the end, it is also a German obligation to offer
financial support to the people displaced because of the Nakba. The UN
resolution 194 has not been implemented yet, and these people are still not
granted their legal right to return to their homeland Palestine.
The recognition of the “right for existence” of
Palestinian refugees
However, the director of the charity organisation Wadi
is right when he says that this kind of refugee aid is co-responsible for
Palestinian suffering. Instead of forcing the “Jewish State” to recognise the
right for existence of Palestinian refugees and displaced people, the sad
existence without rights of Palestinian refugees in the refugee camps is maintained.
This way, the “Jewish State” finds an “elegant solution” to the problem and leaves
the destiny of Palestinians as refugees for life to the hypocrite community of
As long as the “most moral” of all defences armies is
allowed to oppress, torture, mistreat, and murder Palestinians with impunity, and
to dominate them with such a brutality, in a land where the Jewish Israeli are
immoral and united in their common hatred against Palestinians and in their
blind support of these murderous soldiers, peace will never come to Palestine.
Extrajudicial executions, forced confessions, and
blackmails are sadly part of daily life. In addition, there is the eternal
blockade of the concentration camp in Gaza which will soon be an inhabitable strip
of misery under perennial control, with an extremely high suicide rate. These
“defence soldiers” are very good at concealing and deceiving, when it is about
reversing the body of evidence which may charge the army.
Palestinians are the perpetuators and terrorists when
they oppose to the illegal occupation. The “most moral” of all soldiers are
always cooperative victims “defending” themselves from the “terrorists”!
The sympathy of the inhabitants of the “Jewish State”
and its supporters is limited to their own interests. While Palestinian
citizens are isolated and ghettoised in the “Jewish Apartheid State” and hold
like prisoners in the occupied territories, no empathy can be developed, and
this is exactly the goal of the hasbara.
Without any doubts, the politics of the “Jewish State”
promote Antisemitism because as long as basic rights and values are denied, and
the deep contempt of Jewish citizens against Palestinians is maintained, and
finds its “expression” in occupation crimes, every German citizen and in particular
every German Jew should ask herself/himself how much she/he contributes to the
alleged increase of Antisemitism. Jewish citizens should not be surprised if
they lose sympathy because instead of dissociating from the occupation crimes,
they express their solidarity with the “Jewish State” by carrying the “David
Star flag” for it.
Since the beginning of this year, almost every day innocent
Palestinians, also young people, have been murdered by IDF soldiers. And all is
hushed up. Why do Jewish women in Germany not engage for the liberation of Ahed
Tamimi as US women in New York do during the international Women’s Day? (4)
As long as criticising and clearly talking about human
rights violations in the “Jewish State” remain taboo, and it is forbidden to
openly say that Israel should not be supported by Germany, and as long as Israel
criticism, Antizionism, and BDS support are put on a level to avoid them, and
as long as Jewish Israel reviewers are denied to hold a public speech in
Germany, Germany will sink in a philosemite Antisemitism, led by the state.
The sad and informative interview with Ilan Pappe in
2016 leaves us in no doubt that Israel wants all but peace. Neither the
one-state nor the two-state solution is an option for the colonialist
occupiers. For Ilan Pappe what we have to support is a democratic state for
all its citizens
, even if we are far away from it. (5)
We have to diffuse pictures like the one of this
article to show the world communities what really promotes international Antisemitism.