Who can a Jewish Anti-Zionist vote for in the German election?

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski,
Sicht vom Hochblauen, 23 August 2017, English translation by Milena Rampoldi,

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski (b. 1949, in Berlin) is a
Jewish-German activist and publicist, an outspoken critic of Israel’s
policies towards Palestinians and a member of the group European Jews
for a Just Peace. She is a daughter of late Heinz Galinski, a former
president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.
It shakes me to experience
such hypocrisy when it is about Palestine in the election programs of the
German parties. No party dares to publically support the dispossessed and
occupied people of Palestine. Yes, I totally agree with Judith Butler when she
says that being Anti-Zionist is an obligation, as long as the objective of dismantling
political Zionism will not be reached.
This obligation should be the
new Jewish ethic. If I think about myself, I know only one and indivisible ethic:
it is the ethic focussing on humanism and human rights, without considering if
it is Jewish, Christian, Islamic or atheist/secularist. All the existing ethics
are violated in the “Jewish State” and ignored by the occupying power. A
peaceful cohabitation was never wanted by the Zionist intruders, and this
refusal is manifested by their deeds. The nakba, the dispossession of
more than 700.000 original inhabitants of Palestine, was promoted and organised
according to schedule by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which is still going
on today, without any hindrance by the hypocritical community of states.
The Jewish intruders, who
deliberately followed their objective to found a  “Jewish State” for the persecuted Jews from
Europe, are guilty of acting in the exactly same racist way they had
experienced before. They talk about a land free from “Arabs” and are not even
able to pronounce the name “Palestinians” because in their loud Zionist
propaganda there is no Palestinian people. So they colonised Palestine as
absolute rulers and occupiers. Finally, they became the perpetrators, instead
of being the victims. They started to feel better and better in this role. It
is important to them to feel sublime, superior to others, on the path to the
final objective of the Judaisation of Palestine within Eretz Israel!
This political Zionism, formally
asking for the oppression, destruction, and dispossession of local inhabitants,
makes an equal cohabitation impossible, because this was never neither wanted nor
However, for me and many
activists, there is only one humanist agenda: we have to work for the dismantlement
of Zionism. This is a Jewish and democratic obligation. So we can build up a
free Palestine, without Jewish occupation.
I also expressly agree with Judith
Butler when she says that not only the West Bank and Gaza, but the whole of
Israel and the foundation of the State of Israel are illegal. Only by dismantling
political Zionism we can overcome this injustice. As long as the “Jewish State”
is a Jewish national state treating Palestinians as second-class citizens and
as long as there is no division between state and religion, and Judaism is
instrumental in illegally occupy the Palestinian people, and manipulated for
foreign politics, there will never be peace in Palestine, in the region, and in
the world. (1)
Therefore it is essential that
Jewish people deal with Anti-Zionism, and oppose the supporters (“Sayanim”) of
Zionism like “saloon” Zionists and “Christian-Jewish” Zionists. The strength of
anti-Zionism lies in the facts we represent, while Zionism employs untrue
arguments based on unhistorical facts. All historians opposed to these
arguments like Ilan Pappe, Shlomo Sand, Moshe Zuckermann, Norman Finkelstein,
and their colleagues are called Parias, Anti-Semites.
It is a fact that the
continuously repeated and false self-representation as the “only” democracy in
the Middle East – which every politically informed person is so tired to listen
to – which is so hypocritical like the whole Zionist State structure of the “Jewish
State” is a scientific product of propaganda. And this structure tries to democratically
legitimate its positions and does it with increasing sophistication while the
legal resistance of the occupied people against their occupiers is defamed as
terrorism and as illegal action. However, only the Jewish occupation of
Palestine is illegal, and this is something the descendants of the Holocaust
victims should remember.
The victims do not have the
right to become perpetrators, because it is illegal. So the “Jewish State” and
its ethnic cleansing policy has no justification at all!
This policy is based on the
exclusion of critics of the “Jewish State” and its inhuman illegal violations
of international law as Anti-Semites, and Jews hater, by inventing new terms to
describe them. (Jewish) citizens who are active with organisations like Breaking
the Silence, B`Tselem, Zochrot, or other human rights groups are defamed and persecuted.
In particular, BDS supporters have become the new enemy worldwide. Instead, this
so important and successful movement should be supported unconditionally! While
the “Jewish State” in the meantime supports a worldwide “war campaign” of
millions against BDS, and travel bans for BDS supporters, this movement is
becoming stronger because it is a civil society overcoming the defamation by
the Israel lobby through campaigns like “Do not buy from Jews” and does not
stop its struggle for a free Palestine.
All this motivates me to
pursue my objective without intimidation. We should not be discouraged from our
brave struggle by demonization, double standards, and delegitimization. As long
as the political Zionism of oppression and occupation exists, Anti-Zionism is
an obligation.
There is no party in Germany
pursuing this objective of a free Palestine. On the contrary, the “Jewish State”
is equated with our values and awarded with the reason of state for its
security. It is totally beyond me because this position is not consistent with
our constitution. While the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine is negated, and
this is considered as consistent with “our” values by all parties, injustice is
promoted even if this injustice has absolutely nothing to do with exactly these
democratic values.
When I read a paper about the
election campaign 2017, in which there are “Jewish positions” about the federal
election campaign 2017 and I look at the people who signed it I ask myself how
this is possible. Is this Germany 2017? Is this consistent with my and our
No, it is not. And they speak
about a “liberal democratic defining culture”.
Paragraph 4  
Here Israel is defined as “spiritual
homeland” for the Jews and the German citizens; the document mentions the “special”
relationship between Germany and the “democratic Jewish State” of Israel, based
on history and linked by the community of values of “both” democracies,
characterised by similar social, economic subjects and subjects related to
security policy. This is something I cannot agree with.
Germany expects a solidary
support towards Israel in the “peace process” (which peace process, the one
avoided by the “Jewish occupiers‘ state”?) and the understanding that the Palestinian
desire for self-determination must not cause “other” threats for Israel (however,
who threats whom here?!). And there is more: “Radical Islamic”  groups and Iran are defamed as the greatest
threat for Israel and the free world, and nobody opposes to it. (However, in
contrast to the “Jewish State”, Iran has not started any war, and also did not
threat anyone with nuclear weapons!) In my opinion the time has come to oppose
to the “Jewish Apartheid State” with harshness and sanctions to put an end to illegal
Paragraph 5
about how to deal with “political Islam”
This paragraph shakes me a
lot, as it talks about “political Islam” and the  increasing influence of Islamic unions and
associations associating religion with “politics” and whose values are not
compatible with our constitution. (However, for me personally, the Central
Council of Jews and other international Jewish lobbyist organisations in
Germany are more threating, because they call for an unconditional solidarity
with the “Jewish occupiers‘ state” and misuse religion for this objective.
Quotation: In this case, the state has to 
establish stricter criteria for collaboration and promotion.
Organisations, unions, and mosques which do not unconditionally support
democracy and human rights, should be prohibited, closed, and or prosecuted. International
treaties can be concluded only according to strict requirements. Financial and
directive influence of foreign governments on German organisations and groups
of people are to be prohibited. End of quotation. (Let us turn these whole
sentences and put Jewish and Israel instead; what about these requirements then?)
Paragraph 6 “avoiding
collateral damages”
Here these “Jewish supporters”
assume that a person can have only one citizenship, except from ONE exception,
the Jews, because the Jews have historical relations to several countries. So
it is advisable for them to be “German-Israeli” citizens. (There you go: a
non-kosher exception for Jewish citizens when it is about Israel. If this does
not promote a parallel society!)
about “Anti-Semitism”
But the real big bang is
exactly my critical point. Quotation: “Israel criticism characterised by double
standard, “Anti-Zionism” and the BDS movement are the old wine of hate in the
new bottles. There must not be room left to it.”
End of quotation. (Here the
equation of the terms Anti-Semitism, BDS movement, and Anti-Zionism. This is un
untrue statement pursuing the aim to stop all kind of criticism against Israel
and promoting the end of all democratic opinion expression. The knockout
argument.) (2)
No, we do not want any guiding
culture calling for a “Jewish-Christian” solidarity with the occupiers‘ crimes
of the “Jewish State” and promoting hatred against Islam by marginalizing
Muslims! Jewish positions of this kind are not consistent with the German
constitution and with “our/my values”!
As a consequence, as “Jewish
Anti-Zionist”, and as German citizen with one passport, I cannot vote for any party
supporting such (“Jewish”) positions of this “initiative of values”!