Decolonising wellness

May 5, 2017

At the young age of 30, Ghanaian-born Kafui Awoonor established her own company selling natural hair and body products.

Based in Cape Town, she produces beauty aids to make a political statement in the local economy: for people of colour with love.

Look at the bar of soap in your bathroom and instead of it being made on a mass-production line, imagine it was made by a young businesswoman, sitting in her studio listening to jazz. Imagine she enjoys making your soap and even attaches ideology to it.

This is not a promotional text but a move towards imagining a different economic logic. The story behind the soap can be used to question the way consumerism, production and entrepreneurship affect social structures.

Kafui Awoonor, 34, could appear to be just another female business success story but behind her company stands an inspiring take on the relationship between business and society.

She started making her own soap when she couldn’t find suitable products for her skin.