Trump, a National-Socialist as Messiah of Jewish Occupiers and Third-Position Populists!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 25
January 2016, English translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.

When I hear “America First”, a dread rises up in my soul, and I remember
dark, past times. It sounds fatal and reminds me “Deutschland über alles”! Were
it not the US corporate bosses and politicians who with the slogan “America
First” opposed to a military intervention against Hitler and Nazi Germany? By blaming
the US  Jews for wanting to take USA into
war? They saw an alleged danger coming from the Jews as bigger than the danger
coming from Nazi Germany. Now Trump, who stands for politics in plain language,
doesn’t see any problem in “America First”, and stands for this more than
controversial term. This way he seamlessly integrates into the past, as it said
in the book, even published in German in 2015 entitled “Great Again!” Also this
title reminds me of “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler. “How I will save Amerika”.
However, it seems that the book published in 2000 and entitled “The America We Deserve”
matches much better with Trump. Sarcastically speaking, do we deserve Trump or
Netanyahu? How can it be that such a National-Socialist was elected? And precisely
by a clientele who in the end despises Trump, who surrounds himself with a
group of Jewish spin doctors and billionaires. While saying that he is
struggling against the lobbies he builds upon the financial Wall Street lobby,
the Israel lobby, the army lobby, the oil lobby, and other like-minded people.
His awkward, more than inflammatory inaugural speech reminded of his dirty
election campaign. Which small group does he mean when he talked about a small
group profiting from the government in Washington, at the expense of the people
he just wants to give back the power to? Does he mean himself, a more than
controversial real estate speculator who until today refuses to disclose his
tax return? 
If he wants to make the people “the rulers of the nation again”,
it is not in the interest of the people to be governed by a gang of
billionaires. When Trump talks about a historical movement the world has never
seen before, this fatally reminds me the sayings of the German movement who
governed a “Thousand years’ reign” for 12 years until the bitter end. Hitler too
was democratically elected! When Trump speaks about a massacre, ending thanks
to him on 20 January, the Trump massacre to be expected is even more unforeseeable
and more than frightening. He wants to support the “Jewish State”, build walls,
block refugees, and give travel bans to Muslims. While he considers himself in
a war against the media, the war against Islam has already started. His
“Jewish-Christian-Zionist-Evangelical” worldview is as small as his vocabulary.
Instead of presenting a presentable program, he prefers the war against the
press, against Muslims and all “enemies” who do not share his ideology. Also
Hitler attracted his people with highways and jobs. Buy American, and Hire American
hire, as illuminating example for ALL! Also the “Jewish State” which sees itself
as the “light of the nations” and on the path to “Great Israel” follows this
maxim! If Trump wants to form alliances to wipe out the “radical Islamic”
terrorism, then these are sentences which neither match with an inaugural
speech nor with a democratic politician. These sentences are to be understood
as a declaration of war against the Muslim world. This speech was a unique demagogic
battle cry of a National Socialist under the motto “America is absolutely unstoppable”! 
It is totally unmasking if you go to the website of the White House. There
you can finally understand Trump’s true goals. There he clearly talks about a
police state, all structured according to different political sections. Read
It is worth to visit the new
website of the White House to check the National Socialist New Trump World! A
horror vision!
If we look at Netanyahu it sounds logical: a nationalist Jewish society
being at the moral deep point in its occupiers’ status needs a Führer like
Netanyahu and his regime. But the US-Americans who live in a society which is unimaginable
for us, and where more than 48 millions must live in mobile homes, or have no health
insurance and no sufficient basic income, are of course susceptible for
supposed saviours like the reckless billionaire Trump. But the US-Americans had
to choose between Cinton and Trump, it means between plague and cholera. The
situation which is arisen in the meantime is only a joy for the “Jewish State”
which had been waiting for Trump in such a yearning way. However, also
Clinton’s election would have not caused any disadvantage to the “Jewish
State”. One day after Trump’s investiture, the building authorisation for 566
new apartments in the illegally annexed East-Jerusalem was announced. And it
was said that this was just the beginning as there were already plans for other
11.000 Jewish settlers’ apartments waiting for authorisation.
In the meantime, the planned annexion of the settlement block Maale Adumim
in the illegally occupied Westbank, not far from Jerusalem, where approximately
40.000 Jewish settlers live, was put on ice until Netanyahu’s announced visit
to his friend Trump in Washington. At the moment, approximately 430.000 illegal
Jewish settlers live in the occupied West Bank, and more than 200.000 illegal
Jewish settlers in the annexed East-Jerusalem. On Monday Trump and Netanyahu
talked on the phone. Trump reassured his unlimited support to his friend
Netanyahu,  and invited him to the White
House for February, after that Trump and Netanyahu agreed on their estimation
about the dangers coming from Iran. They announced to struggle together against
Iran and the nuclear deal agreed during the Obama administration. In addition,
Netanyahu and Trump decided in a “warm-hearted” phone call to work for their
common vision for “peace and stability”. They also demonstrated this will with
the announcement of negotiations about the relocation of the US embassy from
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, into the “undivided” capital of a “Jewish State”. A crossing
of the red line, an affront against the UN, the international community, and in
particular against Palestinians and Muslim states, which claim East  Jerusalem with the Haram-al-Sharif as the
capital of a Palestinian State. A violation against all diplomatic practices
and international law. All this is in the sense of both Fuehrers, Netanyahu and
Netanyahu thanked Trump for
his friendship and his challenge against “Islamic extremism”. Since the first
fears come true, this struggle means a carte blanche in the struggle against
Palestinian resistance fighters. It is the hour of the hardliners, who see an opportunity,
like the Education Minister and leader of the settlers’ party Bennett who
directly tweeted that for the first time since 50 years there was the choice
between “sovereignty or Palestine”. Netanyahu already had made the proposal to annex
Maale Adumim in the illegally occupied West Bank as the beginning of a new era!
With Trump as the new US president in the White House, a Messiah for the
illegal Jewish occupation politics of judaization and ethnic cleansing of
Palestine, a freezing and unpredictable tweeting business man with a horrifying
cabinet of the worst kind is at the top of the US administration. According to
Forbes, his cabinet has a worth of $4,5 billion, the future Minister of
Agriculture and veterans not yet included. Also Trump with its 3,7 billion and
his wealthy advisers are not included. Part of the Cabinet are the designated
Minister of Commerce and hedge fonds manager Wilbur Ross, with a property of
approximately $2,5 billion, the Minister of Education Betsy De Vos, with a
property of approximately $5 billion, Rex Tillerson, nominated State Secretary
and for years the chief of the oil group Exxon Mobil, with a property of $325
billion and particularly spicy, Steven Mnuchin, the nominated Treasure
Secretary and previous hedge fonds manager at Goldman Sachs  with a property of approximately $300 million
The left fans and
supporters of this president should think about if they really want to be among
 more than obscure Third Position
populist supporters! N
obody should say they knew nothing about it!