Israel Has Pushed Back Gaza to the Middle Ages

Israel  Gaza by Waldo Mendiluza, Prensa Latina, Apr 12, 2016.

The Israeli aggression and
blockade on the Gaza Strip has pushed back that Palestinian territory to
the Middle Ages, with destruction and lack of access to essential
services prevailing, human rights champions denounced here.

Director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Raji Sourani,
recalled that the occupying power attacked three times the Gaza Strip in
the past few years (2008, 2012 and 2014) and maintains a blockade of
ten years on it, a collective punishment with a devastating impact on
the civilian population.

“This situation is shame. There is no
place in Gaza without the effects of Israeli hostility, in one of the
most densely populated territories in the world, with nearly two million
inhabitants in 365 square km,” Sourani told Prensa Latina during a
meeting with journalists.

According to the activist, little has
changed in the field of reconstruction from the 51 days of Israeli
bombings in the summer of 2014, despite promises of assistance from the
donor community, which offered in a conference in Cairo a year and a
half ago more than five billion USD.

The hospitals, the schools, including those operated by the UN, and the houses got the burden of the aggression, he warned.

According to Sourani, the plants, the farms, the most beautiful
facilities, the waste treatment plants and the only power generator in
the Gaza Strip were destroyed by the Israeli bombs.

“If they
want to attack Hamas or Al Fatah, do it; they are strong and know how to
respond, but don’t kill more innocent civilians,” he stated.

Human rights activist Shawan Jabarin condemned the aggressiveness of Israeli against the Palestinian people.

In his opinion, only the US protection explains the impunity with which the occupying power commits its crimes.

The time of justice has come for those responsible for such atrocities, so they can’t continue enjoying impunity, he stated.