Book Review: Robert Fantina, Empire, Racism, Genocide

When it came to reading about certain events within the history of the United States, a number of dark truths are often ignored in favor of a subjective viewpoint that justifies them. While this work highlights the ugliness hidden behind the scenes of such events, it also exemplifies the traits of greed and power influencing these events with unprecedented consequences.

One element that chills me is the claim of a divine mandate for the agendas of others and how gullible people buy into it while never putting what they hear under the scrutiny of academic analysis.

While I normally don’t read documentaries, this is one that drew me to see historical events from all views plus on how history being written by the victors can omit details beyond the mere line of dishonesty. This work is an eyeopener, which I recommend for all to see how history can be manipulated and the facts skewed to suit agendas.

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