The Expert Witness – Part 1

by Gilad Atzmon, 9 November 2015. The
following is the first part of Gilad Atzmon’s Expert Witness Testimony at Arthur Topham’s criminal trial.  This part
contains a brief summary of Atzmon’s perception of the Jews and their
politics.  In the next part Atzmon will explain how these ideas serve to
vindicate all forms of criticism of Jewish politics, ideology, symbols, rituals
and so on.   
Barclay Johnson:
Mr Atzmon,
can you please elaborate on the notion of Jewish Identity Politics.

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
Identity politics is a relatively new study that looks into the meaning and
the means of identification of various groups. Instead of asking what is X or
Y, identity politics delves into the question of what identifying as X or Y may
entail.  I have gone through the court case documentation and detected a
considerable lack of understanding of the complexity of the terminology related
to Jewish matters: identity, religion, race and politics. In particular, I
encountered confusion in the comprehension of the crucial distinction among:

A: Judaism
(the religion)

B:  The
Jews (the people)

Jewishness (the ideology)

In order to
grasp these notions we must elaborate first on the meaning of Jewish Identity

Instead of
asking what or who are the Jews, we will simplify the question. We will ask
what those who identify themselves as Jews mean by that.

Years of
studying of Jewish identity politics led me to the conclusion that we are
dealing with three non-exclusive categories.

A: The
Religion – people who identify as Jews because they believe and follow the
Torah/Talmud. Ladies and gentlemen-this category is innocent. The history of hundreds
of years of rabbinical Judaism proves that orthodox Jews have never been
involved in a genocidal act against another people.

B: Ethnicity
– people who identify as Jews due to ancestry and family lineage. Ladies and
gentlemen, this category is also innocent. Having a Jewish mother doesn’t make
one into a war criminal!

C: Politics
– those who identify politically as Jews. Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately,
this category is far from innocent. Zionism-the promise to bring about a Jewish
homeland in Palestine was executed at the expense of another people: namely the
Palestinians. But Zionism is not alone. In fact all forms of Jewish politics
are racially exclusive. Ask yourself, can Mr. Topham or any other ‘Goy’
(gentile, non-Jew) in this room join the group ‘Jews for Peace’ or ‘Jews for
Human Rights’? The answer is NO. And why? Because the Goyim in the room are not
racially qualified. The conclusion is inevitable. The 3rd category is racially
oriented and to a certain extent, racist to the bone. ‘Jews for peace’ is in
practice as racist and exclusive as “Aryans for Palestine” or “Whites for free
love.” And yet, most of us would react angrily to White only clubs but we are
somehow forgiving when it comes to Jews only associations. 

Barclay Johnson:
Mr Atzmon,
please make sure that we understand you correctly. Are Jews a race?

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
Not at all.
Jews are neither a race nor they are a biological entity, but Jewish politics
is always racist or at least driven by racial orientation!

Barclay Johnson:
does the model you sketched above help to understand Israeli politics, Jewish
Identity or progress in this court case?

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
practice, every Jew who identifies as a Jew subscribes to one, two or three of
the categories above.  Let’s examine the case of an American Jewish
settler living in occupied West Bank. Yes he follows the Torah (1st category),
yes he is Jew by ancestry (2nd category) and certainly, he identifies
politically as a Jew (3rd category). But what about the Jewish Marxists who
went as far as Spain to fight Franco in the name of the revolution? These
revolutionary Jews didn’t follow the Jewish religion, they were not the 1st
category. They only subscribed to the 2nd and the 3rd categories. What about
Noam Chomsky? He is not a religious Jew. Again, he only subscribes to the 2nd
and the 3rd   categories. He is a Jew by ancestry and also identifies
politically as a Jew[1]. Albert Einstein? The Jury is out on that one
but it would be reasonable to argue that he subscribes to the 2nd category.

I argue that
it is the Jewish political element, the subscription to the 3rd category that
leads towards some unsavoury acts whether they be the cold blood murder of
Palestinian families or extensive Jewish Lobbying in the West.  Those acts
deserve criticism, politically and ideologically.

Barclay Johnson:
how does this model help this court to further its understanding the case of
Arthur Topham or the accusation of hate speech?

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
As I
mentioned before, categories 1 & 2 are totally innocent. And indeed, no one
really criticises Neturei Karta (Torah Jews) or Satmar Jews in related to
Israeli crimes in Palestine. These two ultra orthodox Jewish groups made it
clear that they oppose the crimes committed by the Jewish State and Zionism.
Moreover, nowadays, no one really criticises Jews as a race, biology or
ethnicity. What we do see is opposition Jewish politics and ideology. However
and this is crucial. In the West we tend to believe that every politics &
ideology must be subject to political and ideological criticism. My Lord, if every
form of politics and ideology must be subject to criticism, this rule must be
applied also to Jewish politics and ideology, and as far as I can tell, Jewish
politics and ideology deserves a lot of criticism. 

Barclay Johnson:
it seems as if Jews are often feel hated if their politics is criticised.

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
Correct, yet, the fact that Jews feel hated doesn’t mean that anyone really
hates them. It is also be possible that some Jews feel hated because they
actually project their own hatred onto others.

Barclay Johnson:
 I am
slightly confused here it seems as if we are dealing with a sophisticated multi
layered identity. 

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
You are totally correct, this topic is indeed confusing and for a reason.
Contemporary Diaspora Jewish politics struggles to maintain this confusion
because it stifles any from of criticism of Jewish politics. In order to
understand this construct we should imagine the following kosher trinity. 
When we
criticise Jewish politics (Israel, Zionism, the Lobby etc’) some Jews
are“racially offended” in spite of the fact that race, biology, blood or
ethnicity was never mentioned.   When we criticise Jewish racism some
Jews hide behind the argument that we are criticizing their religion. When we
occasionally criticise the religion or some obscene Jewish religious teaching
we are quick to learn that Jews are hardly religious anymore (which is true by
the way). The meaning of it is simple, yet devastating. The Jewish triangle
makes it very difficult, or even impossible to criticise Jewish politics,
ideology and racism because the Identity is set as a field with a tri-polar
gravity centre. 

The identity
morphs endlessly. The contemporary 3rd category (political) Jew is everywhere
and nowhere simultaneously, this is the quantum mechanics that is set to
supress any possible criticism.

Barclay Johnson:
In the last
7 days this court learned about some very problematic segments within the
Talmud and the Torah. Yet, you insist here that the religion is innocent. Can
you please enlighten us about the role of religion?

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
This is a
crucial point. While I argue that the Jewish religion is an innocent category,
this is far from saying that Judaism is clean of some very problematic
teachings and even racist and supremacist preaching. Here is the problem. The
historical facts are plain. In spite of some very problematic Judaic teachings
that are both Talmud and Torah related, rabbinical Jews have never been
involved in any collective murderous attempt against anyone else. This fact
suggests that in spite of some horrid segments, it was actually the Talmud that
restrained the Jews for centuries. Such a view vindicates the Talmud despite
its uncomfortable teachings. But things are about to get very uncomfortable
now. It is not a secret that in contemporary Israel, it is the orthodox Jews
and the followers of the Talmud who lead the most racist and murderous abuse of
the indigenous Palestinian population. Thus, we have a clear question to
answer. If it was the Talmud that restrained the Jews for centuries, why
doesn’t it restrain orthodox Israeli Jews now? The orthodox rabbis argue that
it is the addition of political orientation that interfered with Judaic
peaceful teaching. Another possible answer is that we were wrong all
along.  It wasn’t the Talmud that restrained the Jews, actually it was the
‘anti-Semitic’ church that repressed Jews. The collapse of the Church together
with the rise of Israel and the influential Jewish lobbies in the West have led
to a severe sense of impunity that is translated into a tsunami of violence and
rise of Jewish supremacy that is religiously driven. Here are some marbles
taken from the Rabbi Ovadia Yossef, an Israeli Chief Sepharadi Rabbi.  

On Goyim:

“Goyim were
born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to
serve the People of Israel.”  Weekly Saturday night sermon in October 2010


stupid. Their religion is as ugly as they are.”

— Weekly
Saturday night sermon in December 2009.
I cannot
judge whether this is indeed the case but I can clearly say that the only way
to deal with these issues is to discuss them openly and to make sure that as
much information as possible is available to all of us. Ladies and Gentlemen, I
do believe that this is the principle that guides Arthur Topham, who for over
30 years has made some of the most important texts on the matter available to
us all.

I wouldn’t
know about‘Germany Must Perish’ unless Mr Topham had made it into a satire.
Would you? Even the Crown Expert, Mr Rudner, admitted that he wasn’t aware of
the text and actually confirmed by this admission the importance of the Radical
Press. Two days ago Mr Rudner admitted that ‘Germany Must Perish’ is a hateful
text. Congratulation to Mr Rudner. It took the Jewish world more than 7 decades
to denounce one of the most horrible Jewish texts ever. Is not Mr Rudner long
awaited denunciation the direct outcome of Mr Topham’s satire?

Barclay Johnson:
In your book, ‘The Wandering Who,’ you delve into the notion of History and
Jewish history in particular. Can you please elaborate on the topic and its
relevance within the context of ‘Holocaust denial’ and so-called ‘hatred?’

Witness Gilad Atzmon:
becomes a meaningful adventure once we learn to narrate the past as we move
along. This means that as we are changing constantly, our understanding of the
past is also shifting. Accordingly, history, at its best, is the ability to
visit, re-visit and revise our past as we progress in time. This understanding
of history must be applied to any chapter in our past including the Holocaust.

It is no
secret that Jewish institutions oppose the Holocaust being subjected to
revision and the outcome of this opposition is tragic, especially for the Jews.
Instead of letting the Holocaust become a dynamic universal ethical lesson it
has been reduced into the new canonical Jewish religion. It has its shrines
(museums) prophets, preachers and even a new God figure: ‘The Jew,’ the one who
was forsaken by God, yet resurrected himself from the slaughter, and against
all odds, made Israel into a nuclear super power that too often threatens world

Once again,
our duty to the Jews, to humanity, to Canada as well as to Israel is to fight
this intellectual stagnation. To burst the bubble with an injection of
refreshing and controversial thoughts. But isn’t that what Radical Press and
Arthur Topham have been doing for the last 35 years?

Ladies and
Gentlemen, one of the most disturbing images of National Socialist Germany’s
persecution of the Jews are those old archive films of book burning. It is
rather disturbing that in Canada in 2015 it is actually the Jewish lobby that
leads the call for book burning. One would expect Jews to draw the necessary
lesson from the Shoah. Freedom of speech and expression are our most precious
assets. It is what made Athens into the core of universal thinking. It is down
to us to keep this promise for the sake of our future generations and humanism
in general.   
[1] Professor Chomsky recently endorsed Jewish
Voice for Peace (JVP):