NATO wars: the real target is Europe

by Antonio Carvallo, Pressenza 13.009.2015. Comment by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik e.V.: A brillant article about the risks of the NATO and its aggressions. The world of the future can only be a world of peace and cooperation. Otherwise this world will not be one day. This is something we have to think about when we act. We are the social change, and we are the ones who can change this world, step by step.NATO wars: the real target is Europe

The same facts, a different narrative

The belt of civil wars festering on Europe’s borders is not
accidental but has been intentionally built since the fall of the Berlin

The unilateral dismantling of the bi polar world which prevailed
since 1945 by the former Soviet Union had massive strategic consequences
for USA and Europe… and the rest of the world of course.

The justification as protectors of the “free world” by USA, the policy of containment of communism, no longer had any basis.

Russia after Perestroika entered a fast transformation of its
economy, started development of its civil society, including political
structures, freed its colonies in Asia and central Europe and set in
motion an in-depth internal transformation while opening its markets and
goodwill to the rest of the world, declaring unilaterally the end of
the Cold War.

Like a rotating axle that suddenly loses a wheel, vis-a-vis these
unexpected changes, the USA had to go back to the drawing board. “Hmmm
this doesn’t look good,” thought the “think tanks” in Washington while
proclaiming themselves as winners of the “Cold War” but… winners or
losers? In fact the previous 50 years had been good years indeed for the
dominant power.

The Bretton Woods financial institutions allowed the US dollar to
reign supreme over the world. No international transaction took place
which was not transacted in US$. No one knew how many billions of
dollars circulated in the international monetary system except for the
Federal Reserve. The cost of international wars by the only real power
was in fact financed by the rest of the world since all the US needed to
do was to print money. With monetary control and the international
financial institutions, the most powerful weapons, and largest banks and
corporations… who needs colonies in these times of global banks and

The old imperial powers were advised to free their colonial
territories in Asia and Africa and the new “Sheriff State” represented
the forces of good and containment of evil in a world which started to

Europe licked its wounds and initiated its reconstruction slowly and
steadily having to acquire capital goods, finance, weapons and
technology from the great existing power.

Of course this generous “help” required political obedience and
payment of dues, that is, a proper relationship of master-servant.

It worked so well for quite a few decades! If we consider historic acceleration, the last fifty years of the 20th century could well correspond to a couple of centuries of previous historical times.

In just 50 years US GDP multiplied by about 600%, consolidating its
position as the largest in the world while its corporations dominated
the world economy.

But old Europe, cradle of civilizations, including the North American
one, with nearly seven thousand years history, finally realized after
the bloodiest war ever that it inevitably had to unite. That was the
message of the founding fathers of the Union and the Treaty of Rome in
1957 giving origin to the EEC the following year.

The common project progressed over subsequent decades. And the need
for a monetary and political union, as well as territorial enlargement
covering all European nations, including one day Russia gained clarity
in the minds of its more alert supporters.

With the fall of the Berlin wall and the unification of Germany the strengthening of Europe gathered pace.

Today Europe’s GDP is about 20% bigger than the USA’s. If we were to
include Ukraine, Russia and former USSR nations we reach a GDP over 40%
larger than the USA’s. Hmmm… this is worrying!

This larger Europe with an international currency, a political and
administrative structure, advanced technology, efficient and cheaper
energy, one of the best industries in the world thus becomes again one
of the main players in the new international order. Most important with a
population of over half a billion well educated and cultured
inhabitants… eight hundred million if we were to include the former USSR
that is, as important as China and the USA itself.

Because, in fact, people are the creators of wealth! And everything
else by the way. This is the best kept secret of our times. The fallacy
that markets create wealth. That managers create wealth that investors
create wealth that the stock exchange… Yes, it is true to an extent. But
who created the wealth of China for instance? Second largest economy in
today’s world?

Not loans, not managers, not markets, not investors. China was left
dry after unification in 1949. They carried stones with their hands to
build the big dams required to generate energy and cultivate the land.
Yes, it was the people, the people of China, working with their bare
hands who made China what it is today. Ancient civilization, with a
great sense of history yes, absolutely, but it was its people.

There is no discussion that people create wealth… and small
minorities attempt to rob it, concentrate it and use it to dominate and
control the large majority, while taking credit for their feat.

And the same examples are found in most regions and cultures. But we seem to be straying from our subject.

Is it by chance that subsequent to the end of the Cold War a belt of
civil wars has been created systematically by different US governments
in the Middle East and North Africa? Wars between factions of Islam who
lived together in peace for hundreds of years? Wars where the intention
seems to be to create anarchy and to keep them festering for as long as
possible? Wars directed more to the civilian population and the unity of
the nation state than to specific military targets? These conflicts
have been instigated by the military interventions of the USA and its
proxies. You don’t need to be clever to understand that the destruction
of housing and infrastructure and indiscriminate killing of civilians
will produce massive migrations. That the destruction of one’s religion
and culture will produce extreme reactions particularly among the young.

Where are people going to migrate to in search for survival and a
safer and better life? Where are the disaffected going to project their
anger and desire for revenge? Not to the USA obviously but to Europe.
Europe is connected culturally, historically and by geographical
proximity to the war belt.

The exercise is intended to destabilize Europe, to create insecurity
in Europe, to create divisions amongst European States. To generate a
state of panic which slows down European integration and development and
creates pretexts to strengthen NATO, directing massive financial
resources to military spending. 2% of European GDP, minimum, is the
required commitment. Perhaps in the area of 500 billion euros… let us
not even ask where the weapons need to be purchased from! President
Obama chose to circulate his picture surrounded by the latest US fighter
jets and bombs when he came to the G7 meeting in Europe in 2014, when
the conflict in Ukraine was raging, while he warned Europeans about the
need to spend a minimum 2% of GDP in defence.

What about Ukraine? And the relationship between Europe and Russia?

Was it in defence of “democracy” that a coup was orchestrated with
neo-Nazi, anti-Russian minorities in Kiev to force a conflict with
Russia? The rhetoric coming out of Maidan Square was so ethnically
anti-Russian that it forced a protective action in the Crimean base of
Russia’s Black Sea fleet where there is an absolute majority of ethnic
Russians and in Donbass which have similar Russian majorities.

The result has been a war in the eastern gate of Europe and
subsequent sanctions and embargo affecting the flow of energy into
Europe. Sanctions which are costing Europe, Russia and Ukraine

The economy of Europe is in difficulty, the security situation the
most serious in recent history, the massive migrations are imposing such
a pressure on Europe that its consequences could last for years with a
massive human and economic cost.

This unprecedented sequence of events cannot be attributed to
clumsiness by Washington. How could the greatest power in the world for
the last 70 years who ruled supreme and unchallenged be attributed such
erratic policies for such a prolonged time? On the contrary it is so
obviously an intentional strategy oriented to subordinate and slow down
Europe, implemented in the most systematic and ruthless manner at the
expense of millions of civilians in the Muslim world.

This strategy is of such an aggressive and virulent nature with such
destructive human and economic effects that even the most gullible and
dithering amongst European politicians should at this stage adopt a
coherent position in front of it.

NATO must stop all military interventions. Discussions must be
initiated between Europe, the Middle East and North African conflict
areas with participation of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and Russia. Full
implementation of the Minsk agreement with real commitment from Germany,
France, the Ukrainian factions and Russia must take place and the trade
embargo (with the exception of weapons) and sanctions lifted. A common
security and immigration policy needs to be urgently agreed since the
problem is gathering momentum.

Europe’s leadership ought to reflect and remember they do not represent themselves but half a billion people in the Region.