Interview Campaign for Translators and Interpreters

Dear all,
ProMosaik e.V. is organising an interview campaign for translators and interpreters.
For us, languages mean cultures.
As a consequence, the translator’s work is that of building bridges between languages, cultures, and populations.
This helps to work for an inclusive and peaceful, dynamic and colourful world.

The questions are these ones:
1.- What are the principal linguistic and intercultural problems for
translators into and from the languages you handle?
2.- What do you think is important to promote intercultural dialogue?
3.- How can translations improve communication between peoples and
promote a culture of inclusion and peace?
4.- How can you explain to foreigners how different your native language
5.- How can you teach your language to foreigners in the best way?
6.- What are the principal problems translators have when they have to translate
into a European language?
7.- What does intercultural awareness and intercultural empathy mean to
Thank you so much to you all for cooperating! The answers will be published on all our media.
The editorial team of ProMosaik e.V.
Sarah Meyer