Muslims Are Being Slaughtered on Demand For Their Organs in China

What will it take before the international community does anything meaningful to pressure China into ending what has become the world’s largest industrial scale persecution of a religious minority since the Holocaust?

Will it take photographs of dead bodies piled on top of each other, or satellite footage of chimney stacks spewing the smoky remains of gassed Muslim concentration camp detainees into the atmosphere?

Or how about further credible allegations that China is harvesting, marketing and selling organs removed from executed Muslim concentration camp detainees?
In an interview given to a Chinese language channel, a Chinese woman identified as Ms. Aili described how she had personally witnessed China’s live organ harvesting program in practice in 2006 at the Department of Liver Transplantation, Tianjin Taida Hospital located in the Binhai area of the city of Tianjin, China.

You can watch the full length interview here:
She alleges witnessing 37 Saudi nationals receive organs from donors located in Xinjiang, calling it, “Slaughter on demand.”
When the interviewer asked, “Why were the people of Xinjiang chosen?” she replied, “Because they [Saudi organ recipients] want Halal organs.”

Last year, I interviewed Enver Tohti, a Uyghur oncology surgeon who is credited by human rights groups with unwittingly “carrying out the first case of live organ harvesting” in 1995 when he was ordered to remove the kidneys and liver from a Uyghur Muslim prisoner who had been made unconscious from a deliberately botched execution.
You can read more of my interview with Tohti here.

“I was called by my chief surgeon to go to a room near the Urumqi execution grounds to remove the liver and two kidneys from an executed prisoner,” Tohti told me. “It turned out he wasn’t fully dead because they [Chinese execution squad] shot him through the right chest [intentionally] to knock him out [without killing him], so I would have time to remove his organs.”

Tohti would see the man’s still beating heart as he removed his kidneys and liver.
Prior to speaking with me, Tohti had told Radio Free Asia that he believes the main customers of live Uyghur Muslim organs to be wealthy Saudi transplant recipients, with China grotesquely and preposterously marketing live body parts as “Halal organs,” despite the fact no such thing exists in Islamic ruling or practice.
When I pressed Tohti on this claim, he admitted to having no direct evidence, only unverified second-hand accounts that China selling and marketing “halal” organs to wealthy Saudi organ recipients, insisting it was something “best not spoken about until it could be confirmed.”

But when I asked why he no longer stands by the earlier assertion he gave RFA, he pivoted to expressing fear for his mother’s safety, who remains in Xinjiang.
Ms. Aili’s testimony now adds support to Tohti’s earlier claim.
Professor Erkin Sidick, a senior optical engineer in space optics who maintains indirect contact with high-level Chinese government officials, explained to me the ghoulish mechanics of China’s Muslim organ harvesting program.

“The CCP transported and dispersed more than 1 million Uyghurs to various Han provinces first, then divided them into different groups. One group is for organ harvesting, another for biological experimentation, and others for other purposes, such as distributed killing. The CCP has run out money to maintain their vast concentration camps, and is resorting to these kinds of means. I constantly get info from high level government officials through several middle men, but it has been impossible for me to make my info official because doing so will put some people in danger, including those government officials,” said Sidick.
In a tweet posted on January 19, 2020, Erkin wrote:

Credible claims regarding China’s Muslim organ harvesting program are now as common as they are widespread, and can be easily found on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

These claims are also supported by an array of human rights groups, including a UK panel of lawyers and activists who published a report last year, concluding, “China continues to kill prisoners of conscience for organ transplants”, with murdered members of the Falun Gong spiritual group and Uyghur minority “being used as a bank of organs,” and providing the bulk of the estimated 69,300 illegal organ transplants in the country per year.

“The conclusion shows that very many people have died indescribably hideous deaths for no reason,” said Sir Geoffrey Nice, the tribunal’s chairman, in the judgment. Many were “cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale,” he added.

Now, a new report published in the journal BMC Medical Ethics has revealed what appears to be China’s effort to cover up its harvesting of body parts from Uyghur Muslim detainees by falsifying organ donation data. It suggests that more than 90,000 Muslims and other political prisoners are being executed each year for the purpose of profiting from the sale of their live organs.

“A variety of evidence points to what the authors believe can only be plausibly explained by systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant data-sets in China,” the report states. “Some apparently non-voluntary donors also appear to be misclassified as voluntary. This takes place alongside genuine voluntary organ transplant activity, which is often incentivized by large cash payment.”

In 2016, the UK Parliament heard a presentation titled “Bloody Harvest/Slaughter,” a name taken from two books by respective authors Ethan Gutmann; David Kilgour and David Matas. It provides irrefutable evidence China has established a “complete industry chain” for harvesting organs of political prisoners, observing that minorities have been specifically targeted, including Uyghur Muslims, Tibetans, House Christians, and Falun Gong practitioners.

That China is slaughtering Muslim concentration camp detainees and then selling their organs for upwards of US$165,000 a piece is now well beyond the reaches of reasonable doubt, so I’ll ask again — what will it take before the international community does anything meaningful to pressure China into ending what has become the world’s largest industrial scale persecution of a religious minority since the Holocaust?
By: CJ Werleman