Stop violence against women journalists

25th November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – one of the most tolerated and widespread violations of human rights in the world.
It is marked on the anniversary of assassination of three Mirabal sisters. These murders were ordered by ruler Rafael Trujillo in Domenican Republic.
The UN comes every year with a new theme for the campaign raising awareness about violence against women. This year, the chosen theme is “Leave no one behind: end violence against women and girls”. The UN uses the orange colour symbolizing brighter future without violence and operates with hashtag #OrangeTheWorld on social media.

Our actions

This year the IFJ will publish the results of 2 surveys that monitored violence against women media workers and actions taken by unions and associations of journalists to prevent and eliminate gender-based violence. The surveys are available in three languages (English, French, Spanish) and you can complete them until 21st November.
The results were release the eve of the 25 November.
Take action!
1. Respond to our surveys and share the one for women journalists with your colleagues 
2. Organise a workshop to address the level of gender based violence in your media, bring media leaders on board, discuss existing policies to tackle violence at work, reflect on how media report on violence against women (check the IFJ guidelines on reporting on violence against women)
3. Take a photo with our campaign poster and share it on social media using #VAW #OrangeTheWorld 
4. Call on the media: 
  • to stop the objectification of women in the news and reflect on fair gender portrayal and ethical reporting on violence against women
  • to investigate cases of violence against media female staff and sanction perpetrators
  • to empower women within their own structures 
  • to implement/improve their internal policy on gender-based violence
5. Send letters to national governments asking them to initiate legislation against gender-based violence
6. Join our campaign against gender-based violence at work: more information
7. Adopt internal policies covering gender-based violence in your own structures and activities as well as ethical guidelines on reporting violence against women