McShin Foundation – immediate support to addicted people

By Milena Rampoldi and Denise Nanni, ProMosaik. We are going
on with our interview-journey moving to the McShin
in Richmond, USA where we talked to Honesty Liller. The
foundation is at  the service of addicted
people to help them to come back to a normal life without addition. I would like to thank Honesty
How did the McShin Foundation begin?
McShin was started by John Shinholser and Carol
McDaid.  They are a married
couple with combined over 50 years of recovery.  The reason is because when an addict
in our area reached out for help to the local community services there was a
30-90 day wait for a bed anywhere.  John
and Carol thought that was horrible and started McShin.  When an addict/alcoholic asks for
help, they need to have the help that day.  
What is the current situation
related to drug and alcohol addiction in your area?
Right now in the Richmond area we have a rise in opiate
addiction.  I think it has
always been an epidemic, but now more and more young people are dying from the
heroin that is in our area.  There
is a drug called Fentanyl that is in the heroin, or it is just straight
In what consists the method PPRSS?
PPRSS is individuals that have lived experience with
addiction and recovery.  We
have been there, done that and can guide someone else in their personal
recovery.  From our
experiences, good and bad, we can teach those new to recovery what to do and
not to do from the things we have done and seen in our personal recovery
Did you develop, throughout time, a
strategy that can be indicated as really effective to address the social
inclusion of people that used to be addicted to drugs or alcohol?
We provide our services to anyone seeking help with drug
or alcohol addiction.  Our
recovery community consists of all walks of life, age, race, ethnicity, and
sexual preference.   McShin
has grown in many ways throughout the years.  We started with 12 beds and now manage
155 recovery residential beds for those seeking recovery.  We have the first recovery high school
in VA that has 8 students seeking education as well as their own personal
recovery.  Other programs
are our jail programs, advocacy initiatives, and family programming.  
Do you cooperate with local
authorities and institutions? If yes, how?
Yes,  We are in our local jails providing PPRSS
daily.  Our staff goes into
the jail and helps those incarcerated with their recovery while they are there
so when they get out that have a better chance at recovery.  McShin has lots of local partners,
sponsors, and relationships that have been built through these 12 years.  It is important to our mission to be a
face and voice of recovery at all times, everywhere we go.