Farwana: 2,320 Palestinian minors arrested since last October

August 7, 2016

Head of the studies and documentation unit at detainees and ex-detainees committee in Gaza Strip, Abed Al Naser Farwana, revealed that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested 2,320 Palestinian minors since October, 01, 2015.

Farwana said in a press statement on Saturday that the Israeli arrests included males and females of different ages ranging from 11 to 19 years old. 400 of them are still under arrest and are being exposed to serious violations of human rights in Israeli jails.

Farwana called on the international community to provide international protection for the Palestinian captives and to confront the Israeli new law which allows the arrest of children below 14 years old in full disregard to its serious effects on the future of the Palestinian children, he said.

Israeli occupation authorities are detaining over 7,000 Palestinian prisoners distributed in 25 jails and detention centers. 1,500 among them are suffering diseases and over 750 are held under the illegal administrative detention. The number also includes 70 female captives, 400 children, 6 MPs, and 41 old prisoners who have served over 20 years including 30 detainees who were arrested before signing Oslo accords.