Lotus Rouge: We have to connect the people of this planet into a channel where the political manipulations of religions are not involved.

By Milena Rampoldi,
ProMosaik e.V. – In the following my interview with the artist LOTUS ROUGE who
also participated to the project Catalan Hunter we have already introduced to
our readers. To get an impression of Catalan Hunter, you can watch the
following videos by our colleague Aygun Uzunlar: 
About himself Anthony
he told me:
I was born in 1966,
3 years later Bowie sang about an oddity in space and the man finally conquered
the moon on jumps. My interest in colours and drawing was noticed very early, as
well the world of comics and adventures in books. At the age of seven Tintin
was my favourite comic magazine and hero. I could draw any character from the
book from my memory without needing to copy from a image beside. At the age of
twelve I have my first artistic experience in participating to paint a wall of
the school. And it is there that my visual education teacher advised my mother
that I should follow art in a College of fine arts. In 1989, I decide to put my
dreams on plane wings and I start to travel around the world I took the college
grant and bought me a ticket to Japan. I decide to cut my umbilical cord with
Europe heading into the continent of Asia, where I would live the next seven
years of my life. Leaving painting for a bit I start to have my first experience
in the decorative work and into small jobs to earn the money to travel. In 1998,
I returned to Europe. Back in London I completed by studies in Art and Design
at Lambeth College in Vauxwell, London. Meanwhile I managed to get two
exhibitions in London. In 2001, I discover that I was ill. And in the next ten
years I started to live a life on surgery tables and at hospitals. About four
years ago, while I was struggling against two cancers, a hepatitis and a deep
depression, I start to get courage and my vitamins for life back in the acrylics
and brushes.
Slowly the wish of living in colours came back to me, and the wish of painting
seems perpetual on me. I focus very much on the natural and urban landscapes,
on visual expressions of people, on moments exciting me, places and less common
professions of the cancer society in which we live.
Both the landscape and human architecture play a very important role in my
visual receiver. From the beauty of the complex and bizarre to the simple and
natural, emotions are the main source of my artistic creation. In general, I
like benefitting from a visual stability, and feel during my artistic creation,
since I am a person who lives visually more than verbally. I need a visual
content which awakes emotions and feelings in my soul. This permits me to
create and paint.
Milena Rampoldi: What
does art mean to you?
Lotus Rouge: For me art is
a very diverse range of human activities in creating visual and auditory and
performing artefacts such as art-works, expressing creative and technical
skills. I think art is to be intended and appreciated for its beauty or emotion.
Art is the communication of a creative emotion. In the artistic field, creation
and interpretation are explored in several ways. I cannot imagine myself in a
world without art. Art lives with us since Creation occurred. I cannot imagine
look into an old cd without a graphic or photo work. Can you imagine to live in
a world without graphic design? When I look at the table where I am writing now
I know that someone designed that like my Pc, my shoes ….my glasses. All is
art creation: my chair, my mug of tea, etc. All functional designs have to be
considered as art. All this makes me think that art is both functional and aesthetical
and expresses our emotional world.
MR: For me
personally art is a deep emotional experience connecting you with yourself and
the diversified world. What do you think about it?
LR: I can say that at a
very early stage of my age I noticed that I was living as part of a divided
diversified world and I recognised my position on it. I had to be very cautious
about my beliefs and to have the sensibility to use this diversified world as a
guide and a dictionary to guide me and lead me to the construction of myself.
It was hard to grow up
in a world where domination and fear are the democracies and laws of this
planet and where anything apart from art and true love were fake.
So when I started to
have my own opinions and colours about this carcinogenic world I start to learn
that I had to search for the visual aspect of this world to create my visual
world. I couldn’t conform myself with the local informative channels of a city.
Travelling around the
world for about 9 years was my final master degree, without a permanent house
or street or bar…cutting all the umbilical chords from all I had learnt from
books or teachers and friends. I decided to go and see people and landscapes (human
as natural) from all around this planet to make my box of colours.
MR: How did your
experience abroad permit you to develop your artistic competences?
LR: Travelling has
always lead me onto an absolute realism. It is like if you are going to see
what is there in absolute everyday occurrence or watch a face that tells you
pages of its history. There is no fake beauty on it. But tourism is a world of
fake. I didn’t want to know anything about the world of fake, about the art
constructed by people to create an illusionary world to satisfy economic and
political needs. As a consequence, for me living without a permanent house and
see this world as a traveller was my best teacher to achieve my dictionary of
colours and expressions for my paintings.
MR: How did you
experience the project Catalan Hunter at the interface of poetry, music, and
LR: I experienced Catalan
Hunter as a mass, universal channel where creation and realism are the major
performers, a habitat for artists and non-artists full of life and colours.
MR: How do you
think that art as universal language can contribute to intercultural dialogue,
harmony, and peace?
LR: It is a very delicate
question because everyone has different points of view in art…but the project
of Catalan Hunter is definitely a universal language achieving the main objectives
of dialogue, harmony, and peace. We have to connect the people of this planet
into a channel where the political manipulations of religions are not involved.
We must struggle and achieve the destruction of all fake.