Jews and Arabs stand together – Rally in Haifa, Sun. Nov. 1

A very important rally of Jews and Arabs in Haifa, for peace and against violence. For justice and rights for both, Jews and Arabs. An initiative supported by Gush Shalom. 

Haifa – Jews and Arabs stand together for a common future.
Sunday, November 1, at 7:30 pm – rally at the Cinematheque Square, Haifa

We, Jews and Arabs, Arabs and Jews, will not give in to fear and
despair. On Sunday, we will stand together in the city of Haifa – a city
that can and must lead the way towards a shared life in complete
equality. Standing together, we will call for a peace based on
independence and justice to both peoples, for full equality in all
spheres of life, for an end to racism and discrimination.

Arabs and Jews, Jews and Arabs, we all want to live in security.
True security can only be security without occupation and without
bloodshed. Only with an end to occupation and a move towards a just
peace can we put an end to the killing and hatred, build an different
reality and ensure security to all of us.

The terrible violence and fear on the streets did not come out of the
blue. The time has come to address the root cause of the cycle of
bloodshed: the system of control and separation which denies to millions
of Palestinians their right to independence and a life of dignity.
Instead of dealing with this root cause, the government goes on pouring
ever more gasoline on the fires of incitement and violence.

On Sunday, November 1, at 7:30 pm we will hold a rally at the Cinematheque Square, Haifa (Merkaz HaCarmel, 142 HaNasi Avenue).

Starting at 5:30 pm, there will be in the same location a creativity
workshop for children, in Hebrew and Arabic. Bring your entire family,
to take part in a manifestation of shared life!