HOLOCAUST POEMS by Michael R. Burch

Hi all,

today we are going on with the presentation of the poems by the American pacifist and activist Michael R. Buch.

We had interviewed him about peace in the Middle East and had presented his NAKBA poems.

ProMosaik e.V. is firmly convinced that the experience of genocide is
an experience made by many peoples around the world, and that no
genocide must be forgotten.

The principle according to which Jewish people do not want to forget is essential.
But no pain of anybody is more important than another.
All genocide have the same importance.

So let us remember all genocides.

And let us say NEVER AGAIN — and NEVER FORGET — for all genocides in this world!!
Thank your for reflecting on the term FORGOTTEN or SILENT genocide as well.
Happy to read your comments and suggestions.

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi – ProMosaik e.V.

Nobody has the right to kill and torture anybody.
No to murder, no to torture, no to any violation against human dignity.
For a culture of peace, justice, and empathy.