Something funny!!!! We have to smile sometimes to re-fight for human right… thank you

Hi all,

I just found this on GIDEON LEVY’s facebook page…. I love his articles, so sometimes I look for the truth on his page…

But apart from the reality, and the horrific political situation in the world, we have to keep smiling to prepare ourselves for the next fight for human rights.

And this is a picture which really makes you smile ….

First idea which came to my mind when I saw it, was: Netanjahu pay attention, LEHOVA is watching you!
Two violations in ONE!!

And to as-Sisi I can just say: quo vadis Pharaoh?

Next time the 2 will meet here for a marriage photo!!!! 

Thank you for your funny comments about it

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi
Editorial Team of ProMosaik e.V.