EU summit: It will end badly anyway

Giorgio Cremaschi 20/07/2020
It is now clear that the EU summit either will not reach an agreement on real aid to those who have suffered the most from the hecatomb and social damage of the pandemic, or reach a fierce and unjust agreement, along the lines of those imposed by the Troika on Greece.

And this is not only for the vetoes of the right wing government of the Netherlands, a tax haven authorized by EU rules, rules confirmed by the ruling of the European Court that authorized Apple to evade taxes in Ireland. No, it is not only Rutte who denies real help to those in need, but the EU constitution itself. Which is based on liberalism and extreme competitiveness and not on solidarity and social justice.
The EU was born to destroy, not to strengthen, the main European achievement: the welfare state. And here, too, it is not just “bureaucracy” that is to blame.
The power in the EU is that of the European ruling classes, the parties and governments of the right and the fake left. The EU is an economic and political project of the social and economic right, which cannot be changed without questioning its foundations.
Evidence of this emerges every time a crisis erupts, from the financial crisis of 2008, to the Greek crisis, to the current one, most serious of all. Every time the EU is at its worst. A true pro-European democrat should consider the power structure and principles of the European Union, as they are today, to be his total adversary. But we all know that in reality Europeism, at least in our own house, is largely hypocrisy and class lies.
Because Confindustria [Italian employers’ confederation] and all its political partners, even more than the unlikely aids, want those liberalist “reforms” that would accompany them. That is, more privatization, more job insecurity, less social rights. The EU is the problem, not the solution.