The Grim Reaper – an Interview with Author William Hanna

By Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik, 16 May 2020. In the following my
interview with the author and human rights activist William Hanna about his new
book entitled “The Grim Reaper”.

Why the title the GRIM REAPER?
The title of
The Grim Reaper was chosen to represent the role played by
military industrial complexes — the informal alliances between national
militaries and the defence industry that supplies them — and Private Military
and Security Companies whose combined vested interests influence the policies
responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people.
Anticipate as a bit the plot of this novel and tell us why you opted for
the diary-novel to struggle for human rights.
I did not
intentionally opt for a diary-novel format but in portraying the dangers and
difficulties encountered by Mike walker — a freelance war correspondent
determined to report the truth about corruption and crimes against humanity
  a diary of current events became
essential in highlighting the inhumanity that prevails all around us.
Tell us some examples of the most important aspects of human rights your
protagonist talks about in the diary.
Walker’s coverage of global conflicts gives the reader a panoramic view of
human suffering — both current and historic — that is tolerated in a world
where apathy, hatred, racism, selfishness, greed, human trafficking, violence,
and genocide prevail; where freedom of expression and a free press are subject
to restriction and criminalisation; where gutless self-censorship by corporate
journalists is overseen by newsroom editors inhibited by their own cowardice
and the vested interests of media proprietors; where technology’s potential to
liberate is instead used to condition, control, and condemn people to being
subservient subjects rather than critical citizens; where the European Union is
disunited and the American Dream has become a nightmare under the presidency of
a deranged lunatic; where the opponents of truth, freedom, and justice continue
to be highly organised, well financed, efficiently deployed, and in complete
control; and finally, where those in control definitely don’t want us to know
the truth.
Where is the diary located and why?
Walker’s reports and recollection of events touch on every continent because as
one reviewer of the book said:
“The Grim Reaper” by William Hanna is a story of awareness!
It teaches humanity about the impact of oppression, a dangerous
leader/president, and the hatred and brutality of people toward each other. In
the religious aspect and for some spiritual, it enables us to see how we have
not truly practiced the edicts of what we believe in. It makes us realise the
hypocrisy of our belief and helps influence us to make that change.”
What has changed since your last book and which are the most urgent
questions human right activists can understand when reading this book?
Since both
my last book and The Grim Reaper, the world has been struck by
the Covid-19 pandemic with a death toll that is about to exceed 300,000 with no
end in sight. While the current global concern over this pandemic is
understandable, it also highlights the decades of rabid indifference towards
the millions killed annually by disease, malnutrition, and barbaric conflicts.
It would seem that most of us are hypocrites whose concern for humanity only
appears when we are personally and directly threatened. This selective concern
for the value of human life and the urgent need for change is something
everyone — including human rights activists — can learn about from reading The
Grim Reaper.
Why is this a book for everybody and not just for people working in the
field of human rights?
Why are we all involved in human rights protection?
Those of us actively supporting human rights know that most of the
rest of us don’t give a damn. And those of you who are familiar with my writing
also know that I am a fierce and constant critic of Israel’s
Apartheid policies and United States hegemony. Despite that, recent reviews of my
book on Goodreads by Americans has given hope that persistent activism could
eventually bring about the change that could
improve the lives of millions. One American reviewer had this to say:
“This book is like an explosion of learned experiences, studies, and
observations of people’s cultures, the government, and our religion.
“William Hanna brings in a story that integrates a myriad of ideas and
facts about certain topics. He talks about Donald Trump and
his exploits. He then continues to tell us about his agenda and what works and
what doesn’t. He exposes facts about him that are dreadful and should have been
considered even before he was voted in.
“It came as a shock that Trump ran for Presidency, but it was more
shocking when 63,000,000 Americans voted for him. This tells us that we
are not choosing what we think is best for us! So, he continues to share other
important topics that will make us realise how the government has failed us.
“This is a book that will enrich the readers; it will educate us and
make us more knowledgeable about certain topics that we’ve missed out on. Every
issue about America is an issue for the whole world! We are tied together, and when
America doesn’t function the way it should, we will collapse! Universal
responsibility is also something that Hanna shared, and we should all work
together to build a better world.”
You can read more reviews by Americans at: