The hoax of anti-Covid19 vaccine

Leopoldo Salmaso 31/03/2020
Every sane epidemiologist in the world would recognize that this pandemic is no more than 20% viral, and 80% mediatic terror.

Every sane pharmacologist in the world would recognize that any vaccine anti-Covid19 will not work. It will not work for the simple reason that, when we have a vaccine ready, Covid19 will have changed many times. It would be like aiming at a flying bird, fixing the weapon, and shooting after an hour!
Meanwhile, the web is full of messages about “miracle drugs”: from a young Italian pharmacist who says he found the panacea against Covid19 in Tokyo (promptly disproved1 by AIFA, the Italian Agency for Drug Control), to doctors who claim to have used the drug XY “with good results” in 2 (two!) patients, up to Mr. Trump who assures that he can supply his citizens with tons of the old antimalarial Chloroquine. Oh well, you say, on the web we can find everything and the opposite of everything. OK, but what about the mainstream media? The media are giving ample coverage to the same stories because they filter the news not according to verifiability but to saleability. And so, because of the ample resonance offered by the mainstream to the young man from Tokyo (manipulated-ex-post or purposely sent there?), our AIFA is forced to follow suite2.
If the same characters made similar statements about cancer, very few would mind it. But Covid19 attracts such a large audience as has not happened since the fateful September 11th, so the mainstream exploits “corona” beyond all limits, dragging public opinion in a spiral that feeds itself and this crazy pandemic of terror. Indeed, since the dawn of this story, when Covid19 had another name and was a banal Chinese nuisance, the western media threw tons of fuel on the fire, for other reasons well known to their masters3.
Returning to the medicines candidate to fight Covid19, we already know that their pharmacological efficacy is quite scarce, while their efficacy is much greater politically (for any would be Trump) and economically (for the pharmaceutical companies that produce them). But this is nothing compared to the formidable efficacy they have in feeding the collective spasmodic expectations for the vaccine. A vaccine that will not work but that doesn’t matter: we Italians know very well, having thrown a hundred million euros in 2010, “by popular acclaim”, for another hoax vaccine: 12 million doses of the “anti-swine” vaccine, which then remained unused in the refrigerators of our Local Health Units.
Even Sub-Saharan Africa, which is substantially free of Covid19, is overwhelmed by the panic that is being inflated there by their media, the latest appendages to the western mainstream. And so many Tanzanian friends send me condolences every day for real or alleged mourning (such as for the hoax revealed in this picture).
The most prudent colleagues ask me for epidemiological and clinical confirmations, or they send me materials that they themselves doubt: for example, the email with photo here reproduced. The Swahili text reads: “The Italian premier burst into tears after announcing to the nation that the dead have reached the threshold of 6,000”. It took me a while to ascertain that the photo portrays Mr. Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, and the reason for his emotion, four months ago4
On Sunday 22nd, the President of Tanzania made an insistent and heartfelt appeal not to get caught up in unmotivated fear. Who cares: when the useless “anti-corona” vaccine comes out, no leader in the western world (and in its neo-colonies) will dare deny it to people so masterfully excited.