Coronavirus: After the EU Failed to Deliver, Italy Looks to Russia for Help

by Steven Sahiounie, MintPress, 27/03/2020. The current global political scene is changing rapidly as a result of the coronavirus.  New super-powers are emerging and former power-houses are weakening in the face of the crisis.
More than 15 military transport planes flew from Russia to Italy delivering disinfection units, 180 doctors, 100 personnel which include specialists in biological protection, nurses, ventilators, and masks. The experts sent to Italy have worked on international epidemics including African Swine Fever and in developing an Ebola vaccine. Italy’s Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte had requested help from Russia, and the government commissioner for the coronavirus emergency, Domenico Arcuri, confirmed the help had arrived. ‎‎Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s Foreign Minister, personally welcomed the first Russian plane to arrive on Sunday. Videos emerged online of the trucks on their way to northern Bergamo near Milan, the hardest hit by the virus.