The Deal of the Century?

Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought 17/02/2020
When the US and Israeli governments announced the so-called “Deal of the Century”, many reactions followed on as a result. The authors of this agreement claim it is intended to bring peace to the region and find a solution to a problem which has preoccupied much of the previous century and has not lost any of its relevance in the present one now.

This agreement however lacks any basis for a legal and fair solution that would also be acceptable to the Palestinian people. The requisite elements of this agreement rather carry the intention of repealing all international resolutions and of rejecting all previous attempts to achieve a just peace that would bring an end to the occupation and would find a solution for the Palestinian people.
This agreement presents the conditions from the occupiers’ side who wish to confirm and legalise their occupation. It calls on the Palestinian side to accept the confiscation of their land and to renounce their right, as a people, to exercise their sovereignty over their own land.
The ‘Deal of the Century’ is in fact a “deal” between two parties only – President Trump of the United States of America and Prime Minister Netanyahu of the state of Israel, both of whom are pursuing their own interests via this agreement. This “deal” has nothing to do with a just solution that would provide the basis for building a fair and comprehensive peace for future generations on both sides.
We, the Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought, categorically and emphatically reject this “deal”, because we are of the opinion and conviction that it will create a future that will continue to be dominated by conflict with grave and far-reaching consequences that present and future generations on both sides will continue to suffer.
No agreement can serve as a valid basis for achieving a just and comprehensive peace as long as such an agreement does not, in any way, respect the rights of the Palestinian people and if such an agreement complies with the demands of the Israeli government only.
This agreement which has just been concluded cannot, therefore, serve as a valid basis for a secure and liveable future for present and future generations in the region. The Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought thus joins its voice with all other free voices who call for a just peace in the world and for this reason also reject the so-called “Deal of the Century”. We also call on all freedom-loving people and governments to reject this agreement and to support the Palestinian people’s efforts to end the occupation. We call on them to support both the Palestinian and Israeli people in finding a solution which guarantees equal rights, equal obligations and equal opportunities for both sides, without favouring one party at the expense of the other, as happened so dramatically in the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’.
Any peace between Israelis and Palestinians must guarantee completely equal rights for both peoples. We therefore call on all powers capable of mediating between the two parties to first and foremost, consider and facilitate justice for both sides during every step they take. This call is also and in particular directed to the German Government in that the Palestinians should not pay the price for events in World history relating to Germany.
From German history follows an obligation and a commitment to humanity and human rights of all. It is vital to live up to this obligation in every attempt at mediation.