Macron’s ‘Uberization’ pension model odd: jobbing can’t provide a salary, how can it provide a pension?

Ramin Mazaheri 02/01/2020
“We designed this system for the younger generations, those who will have to face professional mobility, geographical mobility and herky-jerky careers.”

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at the unveiling of what aims to be the world’s first one-size-fits-all pension system, 11 December 2019
“Like poor farmers all over China, they always had to look for supplementary employment, and their odd-jobbing during busy seasons was at the cost of their own crops. The 1942 survey team gave the example of a Suide county village in which 31 percent of all poor famers hired themselves out at one time or another to other farmers each year, and another 31 percent hired out full time.”
– From the book Late Victorian Holocausts, by Mike Davis, describing the situation of pre-revolutionary China
Macron and the globalist 1% would be thrilled if they could achieve such astronomical part-time figures.
France would not be more than a week into a huge general strike if their “uppity” workers were reduced to begging for part-time work – like in the Anglo-Saxon world – instead of mostly working on long-term contracts.
The “Uberization” of the work force is an atrocious Western concoction, but it’s not historically new. However, making your pension based on a lifetime of odd-jobbing is definitely unprecedented.
The enormous difference between France and pre-revolutionary China is that nobody is occupying France militarily, controlling their foreign trade, making their leaders puppets who cannot properly administer a country, and nor is anyone forcing in tons of drugs (the infamous “Opium Wars”). France is Uberizing (or Americanizing) their economy from the cradle to the grave amid record corporate profits and zero foreign sanctions.
Odd-jobbing as a way of life only worked temporarily in China – a popular revolution was able to restore sovereignty in 1949, and now China is the economic envy of the world – but that’s not the case for many Western nations, sadly.
Macron wants to turn France into the US, but the French prefer Asia’s moral governance