Step by step towards monogamy, is the directive in the Quran

Jila Movahed Shariat Panahi 11/11/2019
One of the biggest problems in the Muslim world is: There are a lot of discriminative laws between men and women in the name of Sharia law. The result of this kind of laws is that many women are escaping Islam.

On the radical side, there are ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and thei rilkn who practice slavery and even allow rapping of enslaved women.
On the other hand, there are intellectual Muslims who emphasize the right of men to polygamy, no equal divorce right for women, primary guardianship right for fathers, and twice the blood money for murdered or harmed men compared to the corresponding blood money for women, all this allegedly according to Sharia.
About 30 years ago, I decided to tackle this fundamental question, whether or not this discrimination originated in the Holy Quran?
Now, after about 30 years, my research shows that, the Holy Quran, first created some rights for women, then approved them, and finally upgraded them to the same level of the men. 
A very good example of these 3 steps related to polygamy :
Step 1 – Sura al-Nisā’, verse 3: Allah says: Men can maximum get married with 4 women (this has limited the unlimited number of wives to 4).
Step 2 – At the end of this verse, Allah says: If a man fears that he would not be able to deal fairly with his wives, he should marry only one woman.
Step 3: In the verse 129 of the same Sura (al-Nisā’) : In this final step, God points out that you men fail to ” do justice to your wives”. 
The conclusion is that in Islam the normal way of a perfect life should be monogamy.
People who claim, “the number of women are more than men then for solving this problem men should have more than one wife”, are wrong,، because in nature, the number of male newborns are 3 percent more than female newborns, but more baby boys die than baby girls. At young age, the number of boys and girls becomes equal. 
But some people claim that there are more marriageable women than men because, they tell, women are ready to marry at the age of 9 but men are ready to marry at the age of 15. This has be changed to equal marriageable age for both genders at 18 years.