Saharawi activist Mahfooda Bamba Lefkir sentenced to 6 months in prison for protesting in court

EFE 28/11/2019
Rabat, 27 Nov (EFE) – The Saharawi activist Mahfooda Bamba Lefkir was sentenced today to six months in prison by the Court of First Instance of El Ayoun for “obstruction of justice” and “humiliating a public official”.

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Sources from Equipe Media, a collective of Saharawi independentist journalists, told EFE that Mahfouda, 35 years old and mother of two children, belongs to the Gdeim Izik Collective, made up of defenders of the 23 Saharawi prisoners sentenced to various prison sentences in 2017.
The events that led to Mahfouda’s conviction took place on 15 November when she was watching the trial of another independentist activist, Mansur Othman al Moussaoui, sentenced that day to one month in prison for his involvement in street riots in El Ayoun.
Despite the judge’s warnings, Mahfooda took the floor to denounce aloud “the injustices to the Saharawi prisoners”, which led her to be arrested at once and tried shortly after.