Who takes more orders from the government: Huawei or Google?

José Manzaneda 16/09/2019
The corporate media have reported on the 18 charges that the US government will bring against Julian Assange (1). There is no outrage. No condemnations regarding “violation of press freedom” which is entailed by the persecution and arrest of the journalist who informed the world about crimes committed by the US army.

Tradotto da Ricardo Vaz
But what is an “act of harassment of journalism” is having the police, in Havana, question – without detaining or arresting – a journalist on the payroll of the US government (2).
What would the media say if the Cuban government sent its police to occupy the US embassy in Havana? Well, when the US government, in violation of the Vienna convention, occupied the Venezuelan one in Washington DC, there was not the slightest outrage (3).
To deter China’s unstoppable advantage in 5G technology, the yankee bully decided to ban Huawei. It alleges – with the complicity of western media – that there are links to the Chinese government (4). But how about the links between Google and other companies and the White House, from whom they took the order to ban Huawei (5)… any word on that?
UN envoy Ghassan Salamé said that “Libya is on the brink of a civil war” (6). It is a failed state, with two governments fighting for control over oil. Have you read any article in the mainstream press recalling that Libya, before the NATO intervention of 2011, was the African country with the highest Human Development Index (7) and the highest per capita income (8)? Don’t hold your breath.
Six minors, immigrants from Central America, have died in the US under police custody, after their parents were deported (9). Can you imagine if this had taken place in Cuba, Venezuela, or… Russia? Any doubt we would have an international media scandal?
The congresses of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) always count on a large delegation of Cuban intellectuals: over 400 were in Barcelona in 2018 (10). But this year it took place in Boston and the US granted only 15 visas to Cuban participants, who were previously questioned about their membership in the Communist Party (11). Nothing that made the news in the outlets that harp on the “ideological control” and “lack of freedoms”… in Cuba (12).
At least three Venezuelan kids have died waiting for a bone marrow transplant as a result of the US blockade against Venezuela (13). In February, a bank transfer of over 5 million dollars from Caracas to the Italian Association for Bone Marrow Transplants was cancelled by Novo Banco, a Portuguese bank owned by US fund Lone Star (14), where $1.6 billion belonging to the Venezuelan state are frozen (15).
But newspapers like “El Mundo” tell us that Nicolás Maduro is to blame for these deaths, for having “suspended” the transplant program (16).
The report is signed by correspondent Daniel Lozano. He is not a journalist, but a war criminal (17). The war is for oil in Venezuela.