Rue Britannia!

William Hanna 24 July 2019
“There was a young fellow from Ankara

Who was a terrific wankerer.
Till he sowed his wild oats
With the help of a goat
But he didn’t even stop to thankera.”
The juvenile wit and political prowess of the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan, in The Spectator, May 2016.

As a part of maintaining the supposedly “Special Relationship” between itself and the US — which includes total subservience to the pro-Israel lobby by both governments — the UK now has a new pathetic buffoon of a Prime Minister who is even more treacherously loyal to Israel than his piously pernicious predecessors. Despite almost 70 years of a blatantly obvious ethnic cleansing occupation that barbarically expropriated Palestinian land to facilitate the creation of an Apartheid State for Jews only, recent UK Prime Ministers have continued to mendaciously mealy mouth contradictory claptrap such as the following:

“ . . . we have, in Israel, a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance, an engine of enterprise and an example to the rest of the world for overcoming adversity and defying disadvantages.”
Prime Minister Teresa May speaking at the Conservative Friends of Israel lunch in 2016.
“Let me make it clear, with me you have a British prime minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security is rock solid, I will always stand up for the right of Israel to defend its citizens [as it systematically ethnically cleanses the Palestinian people].”
Prime Minister David Cameron during his 2014 visit to Israel.
“Britain is your true friend. A friend in difficult times as well as in good times, a friend who will stand beside you whenever your peace, your stability and your existence are under threat.”
Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a 2008 speech to the Israeli Knesset.
When in January 2017 an Al Jazeera undercover investigation revealed in a four-part series titled The Lobby how an Israeli embassy official in London was at the centre of plots — to influence British student movements, lobbying groups, and politicians — then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson robustly defended the concept of so-called British democracy by rejecting calls to discipline Israel over its meddling. This was despite the revelation that the plot to “take down” UK MPs regarded as hostile included foreign office minister Sir Alan Duncan who was an outspoken supporter of the Palestinian cause. Such unrelenting Israeli interference in UK politics has since then had pro-Israel lobby groups intensify efforts to besmirch opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn and to destroy the Labour Party with virulent accusations of anti-Semitism. This in effect means that Israel has decreed that British people are not entitled to support the Universal Declaration of human Rights — Article 3. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person — which presumably is also applicable to Palestinian people. 
Apart from gratuitously grovelling to Israel, the current calamitous clown in 10 Downing Street will every time he opens his mouth — though not to the same spectacular extent achieved by that mad, divisive, demagogic, narcissist, racist, and pathological liar Donald Trump — spout a torrent of outrageous lies deceptively laced with Boris Johnson trademarked gobbledegook which most British people will regard with mild amusement, totally ignore, or just fail to seriously question.
“The mob believes everything it is told, provided only that it be repeated over and over. Provided too that its passions, hatreds, fears are catered to. Nor need one try to stay within the limits of plausibility: on the contrary, the grosser, the bigger, the cruder the lie, the more readily is it believed and followed. Nor is there any need to avoid contradictions: the mob never notices; needless to pretend to correlate what is said to some with what is said to others: each person or group believes only what he is told, not what anyone else is told; needless to strive for coherence: the mob has no memory; needless to pretend to any truth: the mob is radically incapable of perceiving it: the mob can never comprehend that its own interests are what is at stake.” 
Alexandre Koyré (1892-1964), French philosopher of Russian origin, Réflexions sur le mensonge (Reflections on the lie)
The 20th and 21st centuries have witnessed numerous examples of political lying and deception including Hitler’s “big lie” approach which he described in his 1925 book Mein Kamph, as being the use of a lie so “colossal” that nobody would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” What people should be really concerned about, however, is not the “big lie” designed to promote some major political objective, but the daily cocktail of tiny lies that distract and muddy the waters. Today’s strategy for deception is not to provide one main idea on which our thoughts can be focussed, but to bombard us with thousands of tiny conflicting lies that will confuse and distract us. In this respect, Boris Johnson will prove to be second only to Donald Trump with the apparent “success” of these two very dangerous clowns being due to most people do not actually take them seriously.
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