Tanzania’s FGM safe house for girls in danger of cutting

BBC 26 Feb 2019
Every December is the “cutting season” in Tanzania, where thousands of young girls are forced to undergo the illegal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM).

This involves removing all or part of a girl or woman’s external genitalia, including the clitoris, an ordeal that could cost them their lives.
In fear of her being “cut” by her own family, 12-year-old Rosie Makore made the difficult choice of running away to a safe house. Ultimately she is taken back to her village to confront her mother about whether or not she will be returning home.
Defying The Cutting Season follows the brave and courageous girls fighting against a tradition that goes back thousands of years and reveals the one safe place they can escape to.
You can watch the Storyville’s Defying the Cutting Season on iPlayer after the broadcast at 22:30 (BST) on 26 February 2019.