Who does not struggle and fight, has already lost the battle!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 2 January 2018, English
Translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. 

Let me draw my sobering stock at the turn of the year. Unfortunately
I have to say that all my worst fears and forecasts have become true as I wrote
2012 in my book entitled
Das elfte Gebot Israel darf alles. Could there still be an increase between 2012 and 2018? In fact,
there was and there is one. This possible in a year that made such bombastic
and unbearable commemorations like the 70th anniversary of the foundation of
the “Jewish State”, based on the expulsion of hundreds of thousands
of Palestinians from their homeland Palestine. For this reason, we as Germans
should perceive a special need to work for these people displaced by the Nakba.
After all, we as Germans know what dictatorship, oppression, walls and
occupation mean. 2018 in particular was a terrible year, as the United Nations
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) describes the
unbelievably bad situation in the Palestinian territories.

In 2018, there were a record number of Palestinian fatalities (murders!)
and injuries. About 295 Palestinians were murdered and more than 29,000 were
injured by the so-called “most moral” of all “defence soldiers”.
That’s the highest (!) number of fatalities in one year, the year 2018, since
the existence of the Gaza blockade and the OCHA documentation that began in 2005.
More than 60 percent of the fatalities (martyrs!), 180 Palestinians and about 79
percent of the injured – that’s more than 23,000 victims – result from the
protests against the illegal closure of the Gaza Strip during the so-called “Great
March of Return”. These people only claim their legal right of resistance,
which puts them into the mortal danger because in the end they will be shot
death by the Zionist occupiers.
Increase of
power of the right-wing alliance
Since beginning of the Netanyahu regime, the attacks by Judaic
settlers have also increased, bolstered by massive government support. Eventually,
these settlers will vote for him again in the upcoming new elections. Through
new party foundations such as the “New Right” of “Education
Minister” Bennett and Justice Minister Schaked the right-wing
alliance is getting more and more powerful. Netanyahu
s clever
trick of lowering the 3.25 percent hurdle, makes it easier for smaller right-wing
parties to enter parliament. Likewise, this way he wants to get rid of
corruption processes and to forget
peaceforever by establishing Jerusalem as the “eternally” undivided
capital of a “Jewish State”. Thanks to the decomposition of a
functioning left, these goals seem ever closer in the land of flourishing
racism. So the
chosen peoplewill get their desired self-chosen regime. Migration only for Jews,
while Palestinians and asylum seekers, who are mainly black, are demonized as
criminal invaders and infiltrants.
While Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sara are pampered on the beach
in Rio and their dirty laundry is washed and after the election comes out of
the political washing machine as clean as desired, and therefore the filth of
process dangers and prosecutions moves into ever more distant, everything seems
to be better than ever for the couple Netanyahu.
Again and again the Netanyahu regime, under reference to the “security
for the Jewish people”, continues the illegal occupation and the land, sea
and air blockade, treating the Palestinians as hostages and prisoners in their
own country by forbidding them to travel abroad. In 2018, 35 percent less exit
permits were issued than in the restrictive year 2017. The Zionist occupation
regime leading the Gaza concentration camp ever more brutally, and promoting
the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories, in a brutality that
should finally shake us up, reminds us of Nazi methods.
comparison with Nazi methods becomes more and more necessary
The poet Erich Fried I appreciate so much has already made use of
such comparisons in many of his political poems. It is a sad and at the same
time more ad more necessary comparison, because it corresponds to the sad facts
unfolding in the illegally occupied Palestine. Again and again it is pointed
out that these comparisons are inappropriate and that we should not make use of
them because of our past as Germans. I think this is wrong, because a “comparison”
is not an
equalisation, however, it is necessary to emphasize the catastrophic
conditions in the illegally occupied Palestine. And it is exactly because of
our past that we have this responsibility. If the motto
Never againhas its justification, comparisons and not equalisations are
absolutely necessary. A people so brutally oppressed, occupied, displaced and
humiliated by a Zionist regime, and punished with house demolitions, kin
liability and deprivation of rights needs our support.  A such unconscionable and ruthless regime
which does not stop at elderly people, women, children and handicapped people
and uses the mendacious Hasbara propaganda to deviate from its crimes, and
tries to hide them by lobby campaigns, has lost its right to be supported since
a long time.
In the
meantime, any kind of free discussion is criminalised
Thanks to the BDS, the support of Israel is getting weaker because
people open their eyes to reality. However, the targeted and scientifically
accompanied engagement of the Israel lobby focussing on governments, parties
and media strengthens the support of the Israeli regime.  An example of
engagementis the Christmas television programme on ZDF with Markus Lanz
about Bethlehem. Here, neither the separating Apartheid wall nor the word
occupation were given any importance and not even mentioned. A case for the
Press Council!  A sad example of so many and against that we have to
defend ourselves. How can this be? Since the targeted propaganda has still its
effect by declaring all discussion about the word Jew, Israel or Holocaust to
be taboo. In the meantime, all free discussion has been criminalised and is blocked
as anti-Semite.  Everything to the
detriment of freedom of expression. As I mentioned in the past, if only
thoughts are free, we will move closer to the lowest point of democracy. This
right to freedom of expression is a very precious good we have to preserve. Even
if one does not share the prescribed official line of the Israel lobby by
having a good reason to do so. Why does this lobby again and again avoid any
kind of discussion? It is because the Zionists and their supporters fear
nothing more than the truth. Since the facts justify our position and the truth
is with us, we will have nothing to fear.
endangers democracy
The danger of fearful silence heavily endangers democracy and has
already assumed dangerous proportions. State media forced into line politically,
as it is the case in dictatorships, are becoming the rule in Germany.  Politicians, who are only directed by
lobbyists, have become the rule in a Bundestag that represents economic and
arms industry interests more than one could imagine. Meanwhile, it seems that
politicians focus on whether they will find a job in the economy after leaving
politics and/or if their parties will find lucrative positions for them. While
their focus is on their own security, large parts of the population in the
allegedly rich Germany have to cope with low minimum wages and low pensions as
well as housing shortages. In this context, I would like to mention the
essential book by Werner Rügemer entitled
Kapitalisten des 21. Jahrhunderts
Muslims are
the Jews of today
In the end, we are getting more and more similar to the USA where
people do not care about politics and are then victims of right-wing Piep
Pipers or foul dealers. All reminds us of the past, even if the signs differ. Again
people – this time the Muslims and Islam – are covered with hatred and
prejudices. An outlet was perceived to find a new culprit to unburden our
problems and our failures. The Muslims are the Jews of our present days. What
is particularly reprehensible is that fact that so many Jews participate to his
hatred, promoted by the Israel lobby. It really seems to be that these circles
have reached their goal: All crimes against international law and all
occupation crimes of the
Jewish Stateare compensated with its defamation campaigns against the BDS and
all Israel critics. So the
Jewish Statetries to hide everything.
Holocaust misuse
For me who has been engaging for years for the freedom of
Palestine it is of an increasing importance to point out that this
Jewish Statewhich has left all kind of democratic values and human rights must
be criticised by every lawful means.   And
this is allowed even by using the most stringent wordings. A state and its
Jewish politicians who vehemently refer back to the religion, by deliberately
misusing Judaism and the Holocaust and have built up a Zionist reason of state
based on Judaisation must not be supported any longer.  If all parties in Germany do not start to
understand this point and change their mind, this will make them guilty again. This
cannot be emphasized enough.
Jewish-Christiancooperation with the David Star drone
Only 73 years after the liberation of Auschwitz and after more
than 27 million murdered citizens in the Soviet Union we must engage and
intervene but not in the way
ourpoliticians want us to. In fact, they mean that we can and must
intervene when it is about allegedly protecting human rights and struggle
against the so-called terrorism.   How
untrue all this is! In the meantime, Germany is doing all its best to be at the
top in the league of the war powers and arms industry. We are succeeding ever
better to leave the principle according to which no other war should be
initiated by Germany. Into which direction we are going, is visible in
Afghanistan, Mali and on many other battlefields where we intervene actively
without shying away from providing the right
, in particular civilians, with their Awacs reconnaissance.   While the German Federal Armed Forces have
to deal with an increasing number of psychologically destroyed war participants
and returnees traumatised by not curable PTBS because they cannot stand what
they saw and make themselves complicit, the German Defence Minister von der
Leyen does all her
bestto hide this situation by all means and by corrupt consultants. I
really hope she will not succeed for a long time with it and that a committee
of inquiry will force her to resign. In fact, the German Federal Armed Forces
have just started a very closed cooperation with the
most moral
of all defence armies
and a murderous Jewish-Christianpartnership with the David Star drone  which seem to fulfil the worst fears. 
Despite all its I wish to all readers, supporters and friends
struggling for the freedom of Palestine a happy, health, successful and
peaceful New Year 2019. I wish all of us to move closer to our wishes and
claims on the path to freedom for Palestine.
I wish you a Happy New Year, full of struggle according to our
Who does not struggle and fight, has already lost the battle. TO EXIST TO RESIST

What Happens

by Erich Fried

It has happened

and it goes on happening

and will happen again

if nothing happens to stop it

The innocent know nothing

because they are too innocent

and the guilty know nothing

because they are too guilty

The poor do not notice

because they are too poor

and the rich do not notice

because they are too rich

The stupid shrug their shoulders

because they are too stupid

and the clever shrug their shoulders

because they are too clever

The young do not care

because they are too young

and the old do not care

because they are too old

That is why nothing happens

to stop it

and that is why it has happened

and goes on happening and will happen again