I demand an investigation of Moshe Feiglin under the law for preventing genocide

Yossi Gurvitz – November 17, 2018
On Thursday, Moshe Feiglin, a rightwing political figure, went on Channel Two in Israel and explained to broadcaster Udi Segal his plan for the Gaza Strip: ethnically cleansing it, and those who survive the IDF can then ask for refugee status in the EU.

Feiglin is a former deputy chairman of the Knesset, one of most sweet-talking Judeo-Nazis I’ve ever met. He’s been at it for over twenty years. He tried to oppose Netanyahu (he was too moderate for his tastes) in Likud, and was squashed utterly for his trouble a few years back. He’s still around, though, and still often interviewed, for reasons beyond human ken.
It should be noted Segal had no apparent problem with Feiglin’s suggestion. I did. Therefore, I wrote a letter to the Government’s Counsel and State’s Attorney.
I am certain they will pay it the same careful attention they paid to the complaint against me.
Government officials are required to answer a letter from a citizen within 14 days. We’ll see where this goes.
Government’s Counsel, Dr. Avihai Mendelblit
State Attorney, Mr. Shai Nitzan
Subject: Demanding an investigation under the Law For Preventing and Punishing the Crime of Genocide
Esteemed Gentlemen,
Yesterday, on 15/11/18, Mr. Moshe Feiglin was interviewed in Mr. Udi Segal’s show on Channel Two, during which interview he called for an ethnic cleansing bordering on genocide against the residents of the Gaza Strip. At the end of the interview, Feiglin cynically added the survivors ought to be applicable as refugees in the European Union.
Feiglin is a former senior member of the Likud Party, who furthermore served as deputy chairman of the Knesset. His words enjoy wide distribution.
I wish to note Mr. Feiglin’s comments on the issue are not new. During Operation Protective Edge, on 15/7/2014, Mr. Feiglin called for an ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip, demanding the unarmed inhabitants remove themselves to the Sinai Peninsula, and demanding the Gaza Strip, cleansed of its residents, should be used for Jewish settlement. Mr. Feiglin’s comments above appear on his Facebook page, here.
Feiglin’s comments were also quoted on the site of the Kol Chai radio station on 13/8/14, here.
The aforementioned comments are allegedly a crime under the Law For Preventing and Punishing the Crime of Genocide, 5750-1950. The law defines genocide as an act “carried out with an attempt to destroy, whether fully or partially [my emphasis] a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.” For the purpose of this complaint, the relevant article is 3 (a) 2: Incitement to committing a genocide. The law says the punishment for incitement for genocide is the same as that of committing the crime itself; to wit, the death penalty.
I wish to emphasize that the lawmaker considered this law to be so vital, that when the death penalty was cancelled in 1954, the Law for Preventing and Punishing the Crime of Genocide was one of the few laws excluded from the cancellation of the death penalty. And the lawmaker acted justly: the mind cannot conceive that a group which was subjected to genocide within living memory, among whom still live the survivors of that crime, should produce people who will rise up and demand that the most criminal of criminal acts be enacted again.
Therefore, I would ask you to instruct the relevant unit of the National Police to investigate Mr. Feiglin under suspicion of violating the aforementioned article 3 (a) 2, so that a law considered central by the founders of the state would not become a dead letter.
Despite the above, be advised that I oppose the death penalty, and therefore, assuming you will indict Mr. Feiglin, I ask the prosecution will decline to demand the death penalty.
Your reply would be appreciated.
Yossef Zvi Gurvitz