✊ SPECIAL NAKBA _ Yair Netanyahu makes embarrasses himself with rude message to Turkey

Middle East Monitor, May 18, 2018

The son
of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, embarrassed
himself by sending a rude message to Turkey. 
Netanyhahu [Image: / Yair Hun]
appears that the current row between Ankara and Tel-Aviv has become a bit too
much for him and the adolescent Netanyahu thought he needed to fight his
father’s diplomatic battles for him by taking to social media and displaying
all the signs of a self-absorbed millennial.

Israeli occupation forces are gunning down Palestinians in Gaza, Yair
Netanyahu, who gained a reputation earlier this year for his love of strip
clubs and prostitutes, came to his father aid by taking a pop at the Turkish
senior is currently locked in a battle of words with Tayyip Erdogan.
Turkish President expelled  Israel’s envoy over the slaughter of 62
Palestinians in Gaza, on Tuesday. Israel responded by casting out the Turkish
envoy in a humiliating manner.
then slapped down his counterpart with a dose of truth:  “Netanyahu is the
PM of an apartheid state. … He has the blood of Palestinians on his hands and
can’t cover up crimes by attacking Turkey.”
It all
seems to have been a bit too much for Netanyahu junior, who like his father
seems to fancy himself when it comes to glib sound bites on social media.
to the simmering tensions, Netanyahu junior posted a picture on Instagram with
the message: “Fuck Turkey”. The message included an image similar to the
Turkish flag, which has a red background and white star and crescent moon in
the centre. The image showed the words “Fuck Turkey” with the crescent moon in
place of the letter ‘c’.
of the social media community rushed to tell Netanyahu junior what they thought
about the 26 year old behaving like an adolescent. His childish prank was mocked
and slapped down with many reminding the young Netanyahu of his attempt to use
blackmail against a friend for $115 which he needed to pay for prostitutes.