Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

MiddleEast Monitor, April 2, 2018

has condemned Israel’s deadly attacks on defenseless Palestinian civilians in
the Gaza Strip, the foreign ministry said Sunday.


Yunis, Gaza – Israeli security forces intervene Palestinians with
tear gas
as Palestinians stage a demonstration demanding the right of return and
of the blockade following the “Great March of Return” in Khan
Gaza on April 01, 2018. (Mustafa Hassona – Anadolu Agency)
strongly condemns Israel’s brutal attacks on peaceful Palestinian people who
organized demonstration in the Gaza Strip on the occasion of the
42nd anniversary of the Land Day as part of the Great Return March

It went
on to express solidarity with the Palestinians and urged the international
community to put an end to flagrant Israeli violations and policies of
repression against the Palestinian people.
Tens of
thousands of demonstrators on Friday converged on the Gaza Strip’s roughly
45-kilometer-long (28-mile) eastern border with Israel to demand their right to
return to their ancestral homes in historical Palestine.
Ahead of
the mass demonstrations, Israel deployed thousands of troops along the border.
the Great March of Return, the protests also intended to pressure Israel to
lift its more than decade-long blockade of Gaza.
attacks by Israeli forces left 17 Palestinians martyred and nearly 1,500
rallies Friday were endorsed by virtually all Palestinian political factions,
which repeatedly stressed the event’s peaceful nature.
Land Day
is an annual Palestinian commemoration of six Arab Israeli citizens killed by
Israeli forces in 1976, during demonstrations against government land confiscations
in northern Israel.
condemnation joins a growing list of nations who have spoken out against the
Israeli attacks, including the UK, Germany and Italy.