The renegaded victims of the Christian-Zionist jubilee celebrations

by Evelyn
Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 25 April 2018, English
Translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. 

Greetings for the 70th
anniversary of the “Jewish State”, based on the displacement of 750.000
Palestinians from their homeland in 1948, during the Nakba (catastrophe). All
famous politicians celebrate this anniversary of the foundation of the “Jewish
State”. Nobody says one word about the Nakba, the catastrophe which supported
by us in the West caused the occupation of Palestinians living imprisoned without
any rights. One-thousand famous politicians and “Friends of Israel”, from
Steinmeier to Maas, did not renounce to their celebration, while the renegaded
victims, the Palestinians, had to “stay outside alone”. (1)
There is no empathy at all for
the last victims of the Holocaust, the Palestinians
German Chancellor Merkel and foreign
minister Maas fall over themselves with declarations of friendship and
gratulations. What is particularly questionable is the fact that Merkel in an
interview for the Israeli channel Ten explicitly talks to people of “Jewish
origin” or Jews in Germany by offering them the guarantee to do all for their
safety. The fact that synagogues, schools, kindergarten and Jewish institutions
must be guarded worries her a lot. (2) There is no empathy for the last victims
of the Holocaust, the Palestinians, during these Christian-Zionist joyful celebrations.
However, two positive signals
came from Merkel. Before her journey to Trump she engaged for the maintenance
of the nuclear deal with Iran, criticised by Trump and Netanyahu, by saying:
“In our opinion having an agreement is better than having no agreement at all.”
In addition, Germany will not follow the USA and relocate its embassy from Tel
Aviv to Jerusalem., as long as the status of Jerusalem will not be definitively
Why does Merkel not give her
welcoming speech at the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the
“Jewish State” to the Jüdische Allgemeine, the “storming organ” of the Central Council
of German Jews? Why not to the Israel ambassador? However, when it is about
Turkey, Ditib is criticised as the religious organ linked to Turkish
Government. This argument does not apply to the Central Council as corporation
under public law, when it constantly acts as German representative of the
“Jewish State” in Germany. Here horrifying double standards are created because
there is no equal treatment of Jewish and non-Jewish organisations. It is
enough with the “particular” relationship to the “Jewish State” and the German
citizens of Jewish faith. Exactly this unequal treatment causes prejudices resulting
in Anti-Semitism. However, this is exactly what the Netanyahu regime wants to
continue to commit its crimes unpunished and without being criticised.
Almost as an aside, Merkel
criticises the construction of settlements by the Jewish State because it would
not simplify the Two-State-Solution. According to Merkel, Germany wants the
“Jewish Democratic State” of Israel next to a “viable” Palestinian State. And
this is so implausible as all her politics is.
However, in one and the same
sentence of her welcoming speech, Chancellor Merkel adds “that knowing the
responsibility and bearing in mind our common values, we will shape our future
for mutual benefit”.
How can this
“Christian-Zionist” chancellor so uncritically celebrate the anniversary of the
foundation of the Jewish State in “joy and thankfulness” because the Jewish
State reached out its hands for reconciliation, without referring back to the
missing “reconciliation” with the Palestinians? Again, the Palestinians are not
an issue. And it was also not an issue during the “reconciliation visit” of
“Auschwitz Minister” Maas in Israel. This autumn, Merkel is planning to visit
the Jewish State with her cabinet. It is easy to imagine how this visit will
look like and which results will be achieved: more armaments and U-boat gifts for
the purpose of “self-defence”.
Israel’s objective: the final
solution at the expense of the Palestinians
How can we talk about common
values with a “Jewish occupiers’ and Apartheid State”, a state without
constitution, without clear borders and aiming at the complete implementation
of the final solution of the Zionist reason of state at the expense of the
Merkel also moans about “new
types of Antisemitism” by refugees or people of “Arabic origin”. In reality,
the Chancellor should know very well that these people are not motivated by
Antisemitism, but by the absolutely understandable rage against the crimes of
the Netanyahu regime. These crimes climaxed again at the Gazan border where
thousands of Palestinians started their “March of Return” which will continue
until the Nakba commemoration day on 15 May.
This “March of Return” is a
pleading call for help addressed to the international public not to forget the
Palestinians and their legal right to return. The result up to now: dozens of
people assassinated, including children and a press photographer, Jasser
Murtaja, wearing the jacket with the inscription “Press”, and who according to
war minister Lieberman was working with a drone and became a safety risk. His
version was not even confirmed by the army.
Murtaja was an independent
reporter who worked for the production company Ain-Media which was even
financially supported by the US agency USAID. All is checked with extreme
precision. He had nothing to do with Hamas, but was engaged for truthful
reporting. He will enter the history of the Palestinian history as “martyr of
Merkel did not even comment
the massacre in Gaza by the Netanyahu’ state terrorism regime. As always, she
just focussed on the proper “right for defence”.
Reason of State: support of
the illegal Jewish occupation of Palestine
Of course, we have to ask
ourselves the following question: What will Merkel do for Palestine, if she
massively and unconditionally supports the disrespectful politics of the
“Jewish State” with arms and U boat supplies by following the Merkel formula of
the German reason of state for the security of the “Jewish State”. However,
this “security” means the support of the illegal Jewish occupation of
Since March 2010, the
commemoration of this catastrophe in the “Jewish State” has been made
punishable. What began with the so called “Nakba” law and continued with the
“Anti-boycott” law, the “muzzle” law for the media and many other fascist laws,
has only one goal of silencing and hiding the truth. However, the truth cannot
be hidden for ever, even if Zionists do not fear anything more than the truth.
We should all fear a “Jewish
State” led by politicians like Netanyahu who use the seventy hour of “independence
celebrations” to express this threat: the “Jewish State” has become an “emerging
world power” whose light will defeat the “darkness” of its enemies. “In 
70 years, you’ll find here a country that is 70 times stronger, because what
we’ve done until today is just the beginning!”
We saw this “Jewish Occupiers’
State” celebrating this anniversary with the wings of “David Star” air force flying
over the illegally occupied Palestine. Also two nuclear weapons-capable  U
boats and corvettes, the planes F15 and F16 and the recently purchased stealth
aircraft F35 participated to this horrifying and enormous power demonstration
in Tel Aviv (greetings from Merkel!). Combat aircraft and transport planes from
Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Greek, Poland, and Austria were also involved in
this “Zionist peace message”.
Oppose to war, oppression, and
perpetual occupation!
When Netanyahu thanked
President Trump again for his historical decision to recognise “Jerusalem as
our capital” and for the relocation of the most powerful country of the world
to Jerusalem, one got a foretaste on what the future will bring: war,
oppression, and perpetual occupation.
This emerging world power is a
threat to world peace. Too bad that Günter Grass cannot be there today to write
another poem for these “celebrations”.
This Wednesday in Berlin and
other German cities a big rally of the “Christian-Zionist” hypocrites will be
organised based on the slogan „Berlin trägt Kippa“ (Berlin wearing kippa). We
should change this mendacious fake rally based on defamations to a symbolic
action based on the slogan “Berlin wearing hijab” to oppose to Islam and
foreigners’ hatred and to struggle for the freedom of Palestine. (3)
The renegaded victims of the
Christian-Zionist joyful celebrations must not be left alone. We should give
them our voice. We should claim for the existence right of a free Palestinian State
as German reason of state, because 70 years occupation of Palestine have been
more than enough.
And we commemorate the Nakba
and celebrate the prospects for a free Palestine, “From the River to the Sea”.
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