The Auschwitz Minister

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 28
March 2018
, English translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.
Full of disgust I
think of this “total” new beginning the FAZ referred to by talking about this
Auschwitz Minister Maas. I have seldom been so disgusted by the political
unilaterality of this traumatised foreign minster. So, I feel forced to write
about him again; about this minister grew like his suits. “The Auschwitz
Minister” was the first minister (for justice) celebrating “Chanukkah” in his
ministry – imagine in whose company – and who will also celebrate Pessac which
this year coincides with Christian Easter after his return from the “Holy
Land”. I am asking myself now when this philosemite minister will convert, let
himself be circumcised and celebrate his Bar Mizwa in the ministry with Charlotte
Knobloch as honour guest?
Before starting
his flight to the “Jewish State” he emphasized his connection with Israel. As
expected by a minister who entered politics “because of Auschwitz”, after his
arrival to the “Jewish State”, he had nothing more urgent to do than re-visit
the Holocaust Memorial Place Yad Vashem, accompanied by the former president of
the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch.
Deir Yasin: levelled
to the ground in 1948
Does this minister
not know that Deir Yasin is within the range of vision of Yad Vashem? This village
cleansed and levelled to the ground by Zionists in 1948 is well-known for the
numerous and well-documented massacres against the Palestinian civil
population, a crime against humanity unpunished until today and trigger of the
“nakba”, the catastrophe. Like for our government, for sure, also for the
Auschwitz and “hanger-on” minister this does not matter. (1)(2)(3)
In addition to
Knobloch, two “particular” journalists, one of the Bild newspaper owned by the
Zionist Springer and one of the Jüdische Allgemeine, the “storming” central
organ of the Central Council of Jews, were part of his illustrious entourage.
This is the expression of press diversity. 
This choice says
it all about this “new beginning”. Heiko Maas is the Foreign Minister who
strikes a smarming note towards the Jewish occupiers’ regime as it is his
personal mission.
My question is:
How personal can official foreign politics be? Is the politician of the Social
Party the right one for this job? He explains his Auschwitz statements to about
30 Holocaust survivors in Israel and cares about his own family history during
the Nazi regime. However, even if he looked for resistance fighters, he just
found hangers-on. Therefore, he began to care about the contribution he could
make so that this will never happen again.
However, if for
Maas the Shoah is a reminder and mission to engage for human rights and
tolerance and to oppose to any kind of Antisemitism and racism, he does not do
justice to this mission and is more than hypocrite.
“Hanger-on” of the
Zionist state terror regime
He is himself a
“hanger-on” of the politics of the Zionist state terror regime violating
international law. Instead of standing for the Palestinian people and opposing
to the illegal occupation of Palestine, our foreign minister pays courts to
Israel. As German foreign minister he will go down in history, as during his
first visit to the “Jewish State” he did not even mention the term “settlement
politics”! It is unbearable to look at how he smarms over Netanyahu: when it
comes to the dangerous politics about the nuclear agreement with Iran he just
mentions that there are “different conceptions”. This confirms our best fears.
Maas does not
raise his voice for the liberation of Ahed Tamimi, one of many children and
young people arbitrarily imprisoned by the Zionist regime. He does not raise
his voice for the journalists and other innocent Palestinians who struggle for
the freedom of Palestine.
What a shameful
“new beginning”!
His hypocrisy is
also reflected in his double standards: Russia is punished for its alleged
participation to the poison attack against a double agent, while the “Jewish
State” which has been violating international law for decades now is justified. What
a shameful “new beginning”! Instead, Maas should check how his family acted
during the war against Russia and how many of the 27 million Russian citizens
the Mass hanger-on are responsible for!
In the coalition
contract it is stated that the actual Israeli settlement policy opposes to the
applicable international law and must not be supported because it complicates
the two-state solution. However, we have to ask ourselves how this is
compatible with the German reason of State for the “security of the Jewish
State” and the resulting consequences.
“Complicated” is a
totally inadequate term for this severe violation of international law making
the foundation of the State of Palestine impossible: the illegal occupation
since the Six-Day War in 1967, the continuous land grabbing by the settlements,
the annexation of East-Jerusalem, and the recognition of Jerusalem as the
“undivided capital” by US president Trump, and the relocation of the US embassy
to Jerusalem announced for the 15 May, emphasise the Jewish claim for whole
A Outrageous
What will minister
Maas do against this outrageous provocation? Almost nothing, I would say, if we
consider that he is already preparing the celebrations for the 70th
anniversary of the “Jewish State”, instead of commemorating the 70th
anniversary of the nakba, the catastrophe, coinciding with the foundation of
the state of Israel. Instead, the commemoration of the nakba would be the overdue
German new beginning. Finally, Maas’ words written into the guest book of Yad
Vashem “The commemoration should never end” should also apply to the nakba, the
catastrophe of the Palestinian people beginning in 1948 and so closely
connected with the Holocaust without which it could not even exist.
The foreign
minister also paid a short visit to Palestinian president Abbas in Ramallah,
planned for his 83rd birthday. Instead of empathy, he brought a KaDeWe
gift hamper with “Spree” gherkins and “German” fine foods. Maas did not have
anything else to do than asking his Palestinian colleague Raid Malki in a rapid
and more than unkind press conference to “invite” the Palestinians not to burn
all bridges (to the occupation) in this “difficult” time and to request
Palestinian “availability” to talk to the United States (as unilateral mediator!).
For sure, this Abbas-“Vichy” government will listen to these impossible claims.
(At the moment!) it refuses the “unique” mediator, after that it had recognised
Jerusalem as Israeli capital. However, the Abbas regime feels committed to
conduct direct negotiations with Israel and to continue to fight against
terrorism and to aim at a “multinational mechanism” of political accompaniment
– a woolly formulation by Malki. The whole thing sounds like the fake word
“autonomous region” German media use to hide the occupation of Palestine,
opposing to international law.
Maas will not see
anything of the misery in the illegally occupied regions, starting from the
concentration camp in Gaza. Maas will meet with a pseudo-opposition. He will
not meet NGO like Breaking the Silence or B`Tselem criticizing the military
occupation and violations against human rights in the illegally occupied Palestinian
regions. For sure, Maas will not attract Netanyahu’s irritation like his
predecessor Gabriel he met on Monday afternoon after Netanyahu and his wife
Sara had been interrogated again about corruption allegations.
The continuity of
Despite the stuck
peace process Maas also adheres to the mantra of the so-called two-state
solution, although it is well-known that Netanyahu has always refused it by
saying that the continuity of his Middle East policy applies. For me this means
the continuity of hypocrisy applies!
Has he not asked
himself why in view of the aggressive illegal settlement politics which reached
its record high in 2017 with Trump this Monday a new illegal settlement,
Amichai, was inaugurated? What a Chuzpe!
To show his “engagement”,
on Sunday Maas planted a tree in the Aminadav forest of the Jewish Nation Fond.
That speaks for itself: This organisation collects donations for colonialism
and Apartheid in the infamous blue Keren Kayemeth Leisrael can, the symbol of
“green”-washing of displacement and expropriation in Palestine by the Jewish
National Fond. I remember very well when the actual German President Steinmeier
planted his tree when he was foreign minister. What an awful tradition! (4)
The jubilation
accompanying the guest who can be easily “manipulated”
In an SWR
interview, Moshe Zimmerman stated that Maas is the symbol of an uncritical
policy Netanyahu will love. Maas is also a good friend of Ayelet Shaked, the
right-wing Israeli minister of justice. In a video before the meeting between
Maas and Netanyahu the two assured one another an unlimited friendship. Netanyahu
emphasized the friendship with Maas, “reaching our heart” and his statement
about the Holocaust, Yad Vashem, for the security (!) and focussed on the fact
that the “Jewish State” is the “only” free democracy in the Middle East. Netanyahu
was simply happy about this guest who was so easy to “manipulate”. Maas announced
to have plenty of topics on the agenda: the exchange with the civil society,
the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the
State of Israel, and the constant support to Israel, despite of the different
opinions about the deal with Iran and the to-state solution. At that moment,
the male friendship with the “Auschwitz Minister” was sealed and continued even
without the camera. (5)
In fact, also the
treatment of black refugees in the “Jewish State” is a crime. More than 20.000
Israelis demonstrated against this practice, and in the end the Supreme Court opposed
to this expulsion practice. (6)
See the article I
wrote in 2013 about Pessac, entitled “We were refugees in Egypt”, which is
unfortunately still relevant. (7)
In this sense, I
wish all readers and friends Happy Easter / Pessac. Again, this year in
occasion of these celebrations our Palestinian friends under occupation will be
“closed off”. This year also the 30th of March, on which three
important data coincided on one day – what a symbolism! The Good Friday, the
first Seder evening of the Pessac celebration, the Land Day, in remembrance of
the massive Zionist land grabbing in Galilea in 1976, with many victims and
injured Palestinians. We should think about it when we celebrate the festive
seasons and memorial days in freedom and peace.
Deir Yassin by Erich
Ich habe gelesen
Palästinenserdorf Deir Yassin
fast nur Frauen
und Kinder und Alte
die ermordet
von den Einheiten
Léchi und Etzil
unter Joschua
und Mordechai
Aber es fällt mir
mir ein Bild zu
Und ich will mir
ein Bild machen
um es nicht zu
um es im Kopf zu
dort wo es
Wohin gehört Deir
in meinem Kopf?
Es gehört zu
und zum Warschauer
Es gehört zu
und zu Oradour
Es gehört zu My
und zu Bin-Du-Ong
in Vietnam
Wenn ich das Bild
des jüdischen
Jungen sehe
der vergeblich die
Hände hochhob
Am Ende des
Warschauer Ghettos
dann brennen mich
meine Augen
Ich habe die
Bilder der Kinder
von Deir Yassin
nicht gesehen
ich weiß nicht einmal
ob Israels Krieger
das Fotografieren
Waren das andere
Ich glaube nicht
Ich glaube die
Bilder aus Warschau
und die brennenden
Hütten in Vietnam
stellen mein Bild
von Deir Yassin
Wir Juden sind
so groß wie die
größten Völker
Wir haben Marx und
und Freud und
Wir haben
den großen
und Mordechai
und Joschua Zetler
die Sieger von
Deir Yassin
die jeden
Vergleich bestehen
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