Sudan repatriates seven female ‘ISIS members’ from Libya

Al Arabiya, 5 April 2018

security agents on Wednesday brought home from Libya seven Sudanese women who
they said were members of the militant ISIS group.
Sudanese female member of the ISIS speaks to journalists after a group was
brought to Khartoum on April 4, 2018 from Libya where they had gone three years
ago to join the militant group. (AFP)

The seven
women, dressed in traditional Sudanese clothes and wearing headscarves, were
shown to journalists at Khartoum airport where they were welcomed by their
relatives amid chants of “Allahu Akbar”.

children were also brought along with the women, an AFP correspondent reported.
group, which included twin sisters, had arrived from the Libyan city of
Misrata, security officials said.
seven women were members of ISIS and some had even participated in fighting on
the battlefield,” Brigadier Tijani Ibrahim of Sudan’s powerful National
Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) told AFP.
The women
had gone to Libya in 2014 and 2015 to join the militant group, Ibrahim told
reporters, as the women stood in a line against a wall with their heads bowed.
to Allah, we have returned to our country,” said one of the women, who made a
brief statement to reporters and did not give her name.
said experts will talk to the women to understand what made them join ISIS.
that, we will try to reintegrate them into the Sudanese society,” he said.
The group
was welcomed by relatives waiting at a hall inside the airport, some of whom
cried and hugged the women when they were brought in by security agents.
relative of one of the three children brought along with the women said that
her father had taken her two brothers to Libya three years ago.
father took them telling them that they were going for a trip,” she told AFP on
condition of anonymity. “One of my two brothers and my father were killed in
officials say dozens of young Sudanese men and women had joined ISIS over the
past few years.
groups of students from Sudan — some holding Western passports — had traveled
to Syria, Iraq and Libya to join the group.
media has reported the deaths of some of the students while fighting for the
group in the three countries.
In 2017,
Sudanese security agents brought home a four-month-old baby girl whose parents
were killed in Libya while fighting for the militant group.