Dire figure shows 42 percent of Iran’s unemployed are university graduates

Masoud Al
Zahid, Al Arabiya, 26 April 2018

Iran is
facing a crisis represented in the high percentage of the unemployment among
the universities and institutes graduates at 42 percent of the total
Iranian temporary manual worker waits for work in Tehran on March 11, 2008.
Dr. Saeed
Nemki, Assistant in the Development of Social and Public Affairs in the
governmental Management and Planning Organization of Iran, said and he asserted
that Iran had allocated a lot of expenses to train and educate these graduates.
“We are
facing this situation, while educating these people had cost a lot. Thus we
should think about a basic solution for this dilemma and eliminate the elite
from immigrating (abroad),” he added.
semi-official ISNA news agency in Persian language, quoted the Iranian official
who talked in a seminar on Tuesday, about “The universities role in the
national economy” which was held in “Sharif” University of Technology. He said
that one of the reasons of the development deterioration was the deterioration
of the universities.
the acquired skills in the Iranian education system; he said that the graduates
should acquire skills that suits the needs of the society, but in the current
circumstances, this is not the case, the education level fell below the minimum
revealed the 42 percent of the unemployed, either have bachelor’s degree or
even higher, despite allocating major financial resources for their graduation.
This is a very important issue in the society. Actually, the society’s expected
something different than those graduates. Thus brain drain is one of the
worries facing the labor market in the future.
October, the Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli admitted that
the unemployment percentage in some Iranian cities reached 60 percent, which is
an unprecedented figure since the 1979 revolution, according to some Iranian
news agencies published reports that mentioned the details of the report of the
interior minister of Khamenei, indicating that there are about 11 million
Iranians are marginalized, 1.5 million are drug addicts, and 600,000 are
imprisoned, these are catastrophic numbers for a country that exports more than
4 million and 500 thousand barrels of oil daily.