The Israel Child Butcher

by Faris Wogatzki, 15 March 2018. 13-year-old Ahmad Manasrah was sentenced to 12 years in prison by an Israeli military court on 12 October 2015 on charges of arrest in November 2016. The offense is: attempted murder. A video showing the accused Palestinian child, with broken legs and a bleeding head wound, went around the world; is available worldwide (for example: 

There is no evidence in the form of a video showing the convicted child of the accusation. The then 2 years older cousin Hassan (15) of the accused was executed on the spot.

Various views of German-speaking propaganda sides helped in the media German approval. So is read: „… on 12 October (…) Jews have stabbed.“ By an English translation of the Arabic language statement of M. Abbas Netanyahu could at that time howling: PA, lying, hounding the Palestinians. Yes, in the sense of: The Eternal Palestinian.
Well-known Zionist madness followed. „Palestinians are stabbing Jews,“ said a German-speaking Zionist agitator. Grotesque and radical national, as if an Israeli was a Jew per se. To make an ethnic group out of religion and culture. The biggest fraud in world post-war history!
So it was not Palestinians who wanted to stab Israeli, because a Jew. About the victims attacked with knives, except that they were said to be 15 and 21 years old, further claimed to have been attacked by knives with Ahmad and Hassan, nothing has been disclosed. Worldwide it has been said that an allegedly grossly pixelated surveillance video of the crime scene is unable to produce proofs, so that an Israeli-military-racial-juristic verdict alone was executed against Ahmad.
The German-speaking „reporting“, the mental automatism is striking, as if someone looks at a strong yellow oval, salivation is activated. 
Jew = Holocaust is 
lemon = yellow and sour.
former association is a clear sign of Shoah religion. (cited by M. Zuckermann)
Note: Not an Arab or a Muslim had attacked a settler and therefore Israeli, not „Jews“, but a Palestinian had attacked. Usually people do not speak about Palestinians. At best from Arab or Sandnigger, here however Palestinians.
Opinion papers, which are editorially supervised at lower levels of education, claimed that both children „decided to take part in a religious war against the Jews“. It was a religious connotation foisted. In summary: All PR-important terms were strung together. Democratization pamphlets that are as righteous as SiKo ever provided, such as Netanyahu Jude, as Merkel Christin was, know no other people’s creed, let alone culture, but are dying to insult hundreds of millions of Muslims every day. What a rag-country! Do you think you can help Judaism by making your faith, culture, and Judaism all yours with your Zionist marching boots? Germany, state of ideas …
The journalistic grubby leaf Spiegel Online states, „Ahmad Manasrah has attacked two Israelis with a knife on … [12/10/2015] … With“ has on „, this leaf swings to a knowledgeable of a completely unknown crime scene. Completely stupid, because not journalistic, because reduced to incoherent key data, only opinion instead of knowledge, even this Spiegel Online articel is manipulative. But the tide is clever enough to realize that it’s better not to write „Jew“, because just about nothing is known about it. To assume the 13-year-old Palestinian child that it would look like „a Jew“ would mean that Spiegel Online has knowledge of the external characteristics of Jews. This is reminiscent of racial science as in the book >> I was Hitler Boy Salomon << (S. Perel, „Ich war Hitlerjunge Salomon“ Heyne Verlag 1994), as the „teacher“ asks: >> How do you recognize a Jew? << and answers the question.
Spiegel Nachrichten Online, it’s not the act as mandated to see, >> just Manasrah << with broken legs and a head shot injury lying on a street. A coarse pixel video shot by Israel’s Foreign Affairs on Youtube shows unrecognizable people, different local positions. An actual, even alleged action is in fact not recognizable. This is a video of racial delusion and militarism against Ahmad Manasrah, completely worthless in identifying the accused.
It is far more! It is pogrom. It is hounding and racial delusion. It is the 70-year-old Zionist Kristallnacht against Palestinians!
Now, a few sentences further, noted in quotation marks in Bold: „We are all human beings“ -Quotator is not noted, is presumptively marketed as Israeli as „Jewish“. The Zionist racial hatred continues: „It is mainly Palestinians who attack Jews with knives.“ Note: „Above all“!
Then „Jude“ turns back to Israeli, which says, „Israeli soldiers in turn fire at youth.“ Palestinians attack Jews, but Israeli soldiers fire at young people.
But if, as seen on IOF advertising images, a strictly religious Israeli, with probably „travel ethic“ and Tefilim laced >>a father your<<, pseudo-contemplative sunken with pseudo-contemplative smiles, in the entry of a tank mimes, then it’s a „Jew“ and not just an Israeli pose. This is well-known anti-Semitism, as practiced by the Nazis. But now: Israel the „Jewish state“.
Quite clear and understandable for everyone: There is no Jewish state. There is only one Zionist state with shame name: Israel. A Zionist state is NOTHING and has nothing to do with Judaism.
Clearly, a stupid assertion, in the analogy of images and word sequences, cannot be found. Obviously, anyone who speaks of „Jewish state“ in Israel is a denier of Judaism!
Anyone who serves in the Israeli army and carries out violence against people is irreligious and is the sole servant of an occupation army; not more. What Israel does in criminal acts is suggestively dressed up with Jewish as the „protection of the citizens.“
As the collective heart drips, as a German there is the everlasting responsibility. -that knowingly includes the murders of another ethnic group. In summary: Everything was already there! From 1933 to 1945 the Germans were the ultrasuper race. Aryans; Tight, blonde, blue-eyed, the most moral person in the world. From „Hühnen“ Göbbels to the heartthrob Goering …
Ahmad will now be 16 years old, for 2 years in a Gestapo -like Israeli penitentiary, whose „blame investigation only the Zionist punishment order and the PR handling balanced, but did not investigate the alleged act. Ahmad was sentenced in November 2016 to a twelve-year prison term of 9.5 years in the summer of 2017.
Ahmad Manasrah’s lawyer: „How is this an attempted murder, when the Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria, who was filmed executing a Palestinian what not murder?“ Reminds of „The root of all evil“ by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski from 30.03.2016 Personally, Israeli military court convictions remind me of NS judge Robert Freisler.
As practiced in hatred judgments against Palestinians, here against Ahmad Manasrah, these are nationalistic motivated. Ahmad Manasrah has been held in an Israeli prison since his alleged attempted assassination – „stabbing“ and „terrorism“ as needed. About the disastrous conditions of the countless number of Israeli prisons give: B’Tselem, Addamer and DCIP information.
German media is not lacking in baseness and bigotry, the Zionist propaganda against Muslims and Arabs have been absorbed for years, like propagandistic garbage and squandered them to the stupid and stupid to hold German people. „This is a racist court and a court of the occupation,“ said Ahmad’s lawyer. This statement is correct, because military law in imputed democracy is the guarantor of lawlessness and crime, identical with German fascism.
Ahmad’s sentence is detached from any legal credibility, detached from the basis of the case and without any explanation for it. It is the setting of another example. For if Israel’s use of systemic intrinsic and targeted extrajudicial killings of Palestinians is not carried out, imprisonment will occur to an extent that speaks to „clearly shows Israel’s disregard to human life“ fact.
It is well known that the terrorist state of Israel is always using rifle butts to beat any human property. How Israel acts brutally against Palestinian children, psychological terror, ill-treatment and threats, shows in the injustice case against Ahmad the interrogation against him. As the heavily injured child on the street, the insult: „Die – die son of a whore (66 whores)“ was exposed, the „investigation“ maltreatment video in the network is freely available! In this interrogation video, 13-year-old Ahmad is seen starring at insulting, shouting and psychological blackmail. This special treatment, as you can see, is mind control and forced depersonalization of the delinquent.
Also, the example of the human rights crime against Ahmad Manasrah served to bring a drafted amendment into the Knesset Racial Parliament and then into law that allows imprisonment of 12-year-olds in cases of so-called „terrorist“. Allowed is what the stronger orders. Forbidden is what the weaker will do against the stronger and fight for his freedom. And what is what, that does not decide the reason, because, in the case of Ahmad and over 7,000 more Palestinians held in prisons, the military regime of Israel. Does man recall the history of the twentieth century when he thinks of this fact of the 1000fold arrests, or is history, as politicians in Germany claim, ineffable? … unthinkable, as no other way of thinking is given!
Remember: For throwing stones is in Israel against (Palestinians) the law, a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment. The throwing of stones would end promptly if all Palestinians as well as fascist settlers and IOF stormtroopers were to receive rapid-fire rifles, sniper rifles, night vision devices and riflescopes.
It is known that Israeli settlers also throw stones. This is not the aforementioned military law threat of punishment comes into force, because. Yes, what is it? If Israelis rob, plunder, and destroy Palestinian property, injuring and killing Palestinians, then perhaps the Sturmbahnkommandant may issue the instruction: Listen Schmuli, aiming higher next time.
Where is the penalty for the driver who ran over Ahmad? -the penalty for the shooter who shot Ahmad? Where is the punishment against the Israeli killer policeman, who shot the 19-year-old Fadi M. Alloun with 7 shots a few days earlier, on 03.10.2015 in Al Quds at Damascus Gate? On the video freely available on the internet, the killing of Fadi, one can hear: „Kill the son of a bitch. Shoot!“ Where is the punishment against the weapon IOF sniper, who had fired 4 shots on Mohammed al-Adam(17) in the open road, at a distance of less than 20 meters, and then refused to help the ambulance? This video is also available for free. All these videos and evidence are not pixelated! High resolution, shows the Zionist Murder Mania! You want to accuse Judaism of evil, so you have been anti-Semites. The technique not only makes homicides, but also makes homicide video-documenting possible.
It is inhumane, even despicable, that even after Ahmad Manasrah’s incarceration in Israeli penitentiaries, nobody asks, calls, fights for him from the political board. Where is the breed called in the Bundestag and the Federal Government human rights spokesman and democrats?
Palestinians are dying, rotting in Israeli prisons. The next child, shot members of the IOF skull and crossbones, lies on a street in the lied „Palestinian Territories.“ Targeted killings, including the 29-year-old Ibrahim Abu Thuraya from 15.12.2017. The Federal Government agrees to the targeted killing of disabled people and children to, other speakers were not known. Where, yes, how could there be a difference between German and Israeli fascism? And basically. – – – With the war lash Israel and the war profiteer Germany no peace can be made.
For this reason:
Fight loud and with all your might and unite against the Zionist terrorists.
Fight for the liberation of Palestine!
Fight for Ahmad!
Fight for Fadi!
Fight for Ibrahim!
Fight for Ahed!
Fight for the dignity of every single person! Be humans for humans.