The imperialist-predatory state of Israel

by Fariss Wogatzki, 3 March 2018. The imperialist-predatory state of Israel is marketed as a „home for Jews“, also as a „refuge for Holocaust survivors“. January 2013 was on „germany radio culture“ read that poverty in old age of Holocaust victims in Israel, the direct result of German-fascist crimes against people with Jewish roots, the cause of the same in Israel. Despite and especially because of the parasitic behavior of Israeli governments, 21% of all Israelis live below the national poverty line (see D = 15.5%, From 1991 to 2016, Israel’s average inflation rate was 4.9%. Overall, the price increase in this period amounted to 225.25% (

Holocaust administrator is Israel, which is always resting on the Holocaust, which Israel itself has not experienced, so that it can „exploit it shamelessly and even deliberately peddle lies about Nazi atrocities“; as exemplarily the JWC (Elan Steinberg) as Nassauer and fantasy novelist Jerzy Konsinski.
It’s no secret that more people with Jewish roots are being attacked and murdered in Israel than anywhere else in the world. (cited: M. Zuckermann) The cause of this fact is not the Holocaust or the eternal German, but the result of the predatory war of Zionist terrorist troops against Palestine. At present, the aforementioned fact is still defined as anti-Semitism. The billion-dollar hunt for Holocaust debt money has slipped from the improper to the indecent, Charles Krauthammer found in 1999 still factual (Washington Post). Raul Hilberg finds the greed of „Jewish“ organization for the Holocaust money obscene.
In 2010, it was not surprising that even the Journal Spiegel pointed to the millions being robbed by the JCC, in total the [Jewish] cheaters diverted $ 42.5 million. „The whole thing is an extremely ugly experience […] We did not think such a thing was possible.“ Is a JCC-Alterna quoted, which is credible, just not what! (Spiegel 46/2010) The fraud or the coming out of the fraud? Emigrants from the former Soviet Union were recruited by the JCC. (, 10.11.2010)
Between 1993 and 2009, the JCC Jewish Claims Conference fetched a total of US $ 57 million from German payments, which were already suspected in 2001. (; 05/2013)
How did it happen?
In the early 1950s, the German government committed to pay a total of 3.5 billion marks to Israel and the JCC. But never to the victims of the mass murder of Jews carried out by fascism. Industrial murder became an exclusively Jewish tragedy. It is well-known: „The western memory of the concentration and extermination camps was almost completely rid of all other victims.“ (Shlomo Sand)
It does seem, however, that the Israeli state represented by the JCC in its Holocaust demand interests has general immunity, which is degraded to the German raison d’être. Acceptable is the well-known Merkel doctrine of the rationale that future fraud cases have been uncovered, no practical consequences will be.
In 1992, Prof. Jörg Fisch, University of Zurich, presented a study in which he estimated Germany’s reparation payments to Israel […] to 63 billion marks by 1987. In 1996, Edgar Bronfman, an American dynasty spokesman and former chairman of the JCC, stated that „Germans still feel guilty about the Holocaust.“
In 1998, Gaza Airport, which was also funded by German funds, was officially opened. In 2001, the airport was completely destroyed by the Israeli army.
The Tzipi Hotovely, born in 1978, once stated in the pseudo Jewish general that the money had to be turned on the Palestinians. However, the ultranational right-wing Knesset MPs did not state what Israel should then bombard. Only people? Somewhere terrorists should be able to hide, and not, as is unfortunately the case in Israel, sit on the government bench. The German-Israeli military cooperation must be of some use.
After the negotiations between Luxembourg and Germany on reparations payments to survivors of the Holocaust, which began in 1955, only about 15% of the funds to survivors.
Also in 1955 was the plan >> Deco Two << the attack on the GDR (SBZ) by the US Army and founded in the same year Bundeswehr (highest defense budget since existence: 2017, 37 billion €) developed and executed stated. The operation provided for a blitzkrieg, the recapture (so-called liberation) of the East German territories, with assurances of the created borders with Poland and the Soviet Union. Adolf B.H.E. Heusinger, former Lieutenant-General of the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres), active in the GDR organization in the (Reinhard) Gehlen organization, was opposed to this. From 1950, the former general of the armored troop of the Wehrmacht, Gerhard Graf von Schwerin worked for the reinstallation of the renamed Wehrmacht under the Office Blank. Schwerin was involved in the raid of the Soviet Union, i. the capture of the city of Krivoy Rog took part, during the purge there 3300 Soviet Jews were murdered. Plan >> Deco Two << has been discontinued. That just noted, since it is certainly noted in every German history textbook, and back to Israel:
From the Jewish religious point of view, Israel is Avoda Apikorsus, the only Torah after heresy; a delusional blasphemy constructed by Israeli state ideology Zionism.
From a cultural point of view, Israel can not show anything of any significance without resorting to international financing. Either the Negev Desert is planted, but then donor states such as Germany have to finance the next Gaza bombing and the completion of the apartheid wall; turned around, the reasoning is easier, so. So, all that is left of cultural treasures of importance in Israel has already been given before the Zionist seizure of power.
Not every cultural treasure has been and will be treated carefully in Israel, even if IL itself never has any cultural merit. Palestinian art and cultural treasures were destroyed with the invasion of the skull and crossbones, later merged into the Waffen-IDF. Mosques, cemeteries, architecture, agriculture.
The culture unfolded by Israel is neoculture of concreting, reinforcement, standardization; Settlement blocks and travel board architecture (CAD culture).
Stop judging Israel as culturally attractive for its very existence, just because you do not know, or deny the second, the worse that Israel is culturally a proverbial fly-shit in relation to any other country, especially Palestine as it was. shows Palestinian culture! Culture that was so devastated by the iconoclasts, Zionist big mouths and mass murderers that Israel is not a place of culture, but the refuge of excrement culture. – – – But, who does not know!
From a financial point of view, Israel can not boast of what culture, grown-up human-constructive development and intellectual-artistic creative process are unable to show their self-created values. The production and industry in Israel is included
17.3% at 8.7 million inhabitants; thereof
3.8 million in the working age, including
4,x % unemployed. Military expenditures are included
5.8% (2015: $ 16 billion) of GDP. 62.7% of GDP is government debt (period 2007-2017, see D = 68.3% (2016) Source: Statista).
Despite this, Israel managed to achieve a handsome 3.08% growth rate in 2017. Adding to this the fact that Israel conducted 3 wars against Gaza between 2007-2017, led and is currently conducting various maneuvers and attacks against Lebanon and Syria in 2006 against Lebanon and against Gaza („Miwtza gischmei kaitz“), is Also economic progress impressive.
30-40% of Russians who immigrated to IL in the late 1980s / early 1990s are not Jews, which is neither wondering nor unknown. But if a Kippa makes a Jew, then a swallow makes spring. Sephardes, Ashkenazi, Orientals, Secular, Traditional, National Religious, Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, and the great mass of atheists and proud racists, as well as the „Shoa religionists“; then, at the very end of the „Jewish“ heterogeneous [sch] unity in the state of Israel, come Eritreans and asylum seekers, then the Arab Israelis, then dogs, cats, animal mast and fingernails; then the Arabs and then the Palestinians (It is noted, not the author brought the value of fingernails to Palestinians).
Only thinking people can understand that pure Judaism alone is cultural and religious. But never represents something national, even state. A Jewish state, Merkel and Netanyahu can put so many wish lists in the mouth (of clay), a Jewish state can not even manage Golem. It is the doctrine that Israeli reality shows and breaks.
It should be noted that in Israel’s advantageous technological and industrial performance, as the German-Israeli Economic Association (DIW) writes, the exchange of knowledge between the two countries is an important issue in bilateral relations.
Hadas-Handelsmann (nomen est omen?) Said: „The focus is […] on German responsibility for the Holocaust. […] But on the other hand, there is also the current cooperation in business, trade and research, which is extraordinary. „(Saxon time .: 14.04.2017) In Israel is spoken by the Sillicon Valley of the Middle East. In 2016, the construction industry was one of the biggest growth drivers, whose value added increased at an above-average rate of 5.1%. The positive impetus from the construction industry is expected to continue, thanks in particular to the government-led acceleration of housing construction. (GTAI 05/2017)
To summarize:
„Germany pays amount X to account Y and that’s it. In the federal budget books is then noted: support for the project for water production in Africa under the leadership of the Israeli aid fonts under the auspices of the Israeli government. It means: scientific cooperation, research cooperations, irrigation cooperation. The cooperations are not negotiable.
No, Germany is not pushing.
No, Germany does not serve the drones over Gaza. What Germany does:
Germany co-finances a terrorist state. Otherwise Germany will not do anything. […]
What kind, detailed, of what kind are the scientific and research cooperations between Germany and Israel? These collaborations need to be scrutinized, considering: „The US Department of Defense has funded more than $ 10 million in projects at German universities and research institutes in recent years. This has been the result of research by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and the Süddeutsche Zeitung.
The University of Marburg has taken over direct armament research projects, which work on behalf of the US Air Force with drones and precision-guided ammunition. And the Fraunhofer Institute for Short-Term Dynamics has been using US funds to research novel warheads. In addition to the US Department of Defense itself, the clients and financiers are the Luftwaffe, the Navy and research laboratories affiliated there.
If the similarity between fascist Germany and fascist Israel in relation to Jews in the German Reich to Palestinians in Israel, including the Palestinian territories, can not be demonstrated, it is not the fact, but the ban and the persecution of those who express the fact. „(From: May no one say he did not know it!)
From indemnity to the victims and survivors of the Holocaust, as it has been called for years, now everlasting responsibility to Israel as an explicitly parasitic trait, has become the reward as Zionist funding for the genocide of the Palestinian people for the final settlement of Palestinian culture since 1948.