Resigning means Lying!

By Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 24
January 2018, English translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.
On the 27th of January, the 73rd
anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army will be celebrated.
This Memorial Day should force us to think. Our times are characterised by a
grave danger of freedom of the press and of expression. Any kind of objective
criticism and reporting about Jewish-Zionist crimes in Palestine is defamed as
anti-Semitism. However, we should not resign, but struggle against this
situation with conviction. In fact, only real anti-Semites and not invented
ones must be opposed to.

If this Memorial Day, which this year will be
celebrated on the 31
st of January in the German Bundestag, with a
memorial speech hold by the Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, we have
to hope that Miss Wallfisch will also deal with the matter of the occupation and
the role of the “Jewish State” in parallel to this Memorial Day. These last
Holocaust survivors can still speak out and refuse to be exploited as
messengers for the crimes of the “Jewish State”.
While the Holocaust in the “Jewish State” is used for
all purposes useful for the Zionist mission and the illegal occupation of
Palestine, these last survivors are financially forgotten and some of them live
in misery. Then let us ask ourselves where all the German reparation payments
have gone. In fact, for bureaucratic reasons, welfare organisations like the
“Jewish Conference” in New York got back the refund of expropriated assets to
Holocaust victims. What happened with the 17 employees and the employees of the
Claims Conference, accused of the misappropriation of 42 million US-Dollar
since 1993? This problem has been known for years now, but it is repeatedly
hushed. (1)
Hungry Holocaust Victims in the “Jewish State”
Already in 2010, in an article published by the
Süddeutsche Zeitung, entitled „Die vernachlässigten Opfer“ (The neglected
victims), dealt with this shameful situation in the “Jewish State”. It was
shocking to read that Holocaust survivors continued to languish in poverty with
a mini pension and had to choose between drugs and food, as the Israeli
association “Amcha” reports. (2) This January, Russia Today reported about the
hungry Holocaust victims in the “Jewish State”. (3)
At the moment in Germany we experience a witch-hunt
against all critics of the ineffable occupation and oppression politics in the
“Jewish State”. While Jewish people – but only that who are at the right front
– are declared victims and “saints”, Jewish peace activists are marginalized as
anti-Semites or “Jewish self-haters”.
With the support of the Central Council of Jews in
Germany, Muslim hatred is promoted. Rallies and protests against the crimes of
the Jewish State violating international law and against occupation are accused
of being the expression of anti-Semitism. People think to get control of Israel
critical rallies, by accusing them of being the expression of hatred toward Jews.
I understand Palestinian, Arabic, Turkish, and Muslim
citizens very well, if they opposed to the politics of the “Jewish State” also
in Germany, because very often their family members or faith fellows are
Solidarity with Muslim citizens!
As engaged German citizens, having been struggling for
the freedom of Palestine for a long time now, we should express our solidarity
with Muslim citizens exposed to Muslim hatred.
Who accepts refugees, does not import anti-Semites or
Muslim haters of Jews to Germany, as it is exactly the opposite. And it is good
to face the Central Council of Jews with the occupation politics of the Jewish
State violating international law.
When the president of the Central Council Schuster
asks for the limitation of the assembly and opinion right, and even for a
legislative change to remove all obstacles of “Jewish and Israeli” interests,
the red line has been crossed.
In fact, it is part of the understandable expression
of opinion, if the David Star is burnt as symbol of oppression or if the
Palestinian kafiya is worn with proud. It is not a symbol of hatred toward Jews,
as the former president of the Council Knobloch urges us to believe. Instead,
it is the proud symbol of Palestine, I also like wearing. So when the Springer
Press with its incomparable philo-Semitism diffuses such a rabble-rousing with
its editor Martin Niewendick, then we should all oppose to it! (5)
It is quite enough with Fake News, denigrations, and
concerted rabble-rousing actions!
It is quite enough with Fake News, denigrations, and
concerted rabble-rousing actions. Up to now, fake news about the “death to
Jews” are diffused on the internet, and have still not been deleted. In fact,
these slogans were not shouted during Berlin rallies, while “death to Arabs” is
a daily slogan shouted in the “Jewish State” by Judaistic extremists or written
on building facades. (6)
On the 16th of January, the fractions of
the parties CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP and Bündnis 90/Die Grünen made the shameful motion,
entitled „Antisemitismus entschlossen bekämpfen“ (Struggle decisively against
anti-Semitism). In this document, the German constitution and human dignity,
which should be valid for all citizens, are nullified and trampled underfoot.
Of course, Germany has its responsibility for
Jews. However, this responsibility also concerns all other citizens, Muslim,
Christians, and Atheists. What do they want to urge us to believe? That Jews
are something special? If this is not anti-Semite…. Shortly, a competent person
for anti-Semitism will be nominated. In the end, this person will
only be the command receiver of the Israel lobby  and their Christian-Zionist groups. So this
will be a totally inadequate mean, and a horrifying symbol of the limitation of
the democratic environment in Germany. Instead, we need a person competent for
racism, opposing to all kind of racism. And a particular focus should be on
Cooking a philo-Semite inedible, toxic soup?
With this dishonest motion, contrary to international
law and the constitution, attempts are made to lump together anti-Semitism,
anti-Zionism, Israel critics, and to cook a philo-Semite, inedible, toxic soup
to silence us all. (7)
When I heard about the debate around the Bundestag
motion, the most nauseating was the Israel lobbyist and philo-Semite CSU
politician Dobrindt. He mixed up German leading culture and patriotism
connecting it with this motion.
So in the next future this German patriotic leading
culture will cause a tsunami of anti-democratic measures. And the starting
point is the refusal of public rooms for events daring to criticise the racist
Jewish occupation policy or to support the BDS movement. This application also
clearly opposes to EU law. In the end, this motion, supported by all parties,
is a gift to the right-wing party AfD. And exactly the parties CDU/CSU promoted
the proposal supported by the Central Council of Jews to implement deportations
of Muslim refugees who oppose to the rules of the Israel lobby. In 2011, I
already wrote: “We are all made anti-Semites.” And this thesis has been
realised in the meantime, as who does not accept the (fictive!) existence right
of the State of Israel or questions the Holocaust, can be deported from
And we can imagine the consequences of all this. If
this motion swears to “democracy and constitutional state”, then this is an
insult. Will BDS supporters and all Israel critics follow the Muslim refugees? Will
we stand trial because this philo-Semite representative of the “leading
culture” accuse us of mass instigation if we criticize the crimes against
international law and human rights committed by the “Jewish State”? Or if we
oppose to the concept of the “Jewish and democratic state” because democratic
and Jewish exclude one another since an ethnic group and a religion are
preferred. Is this the German reason of state of the leading culture? No,
thanks. This is simply nauseating.
Will the future (big) coalition lead by the
Christian-Zionist Merkel continue to silence on the crimes of the “Jewish State”
and celebrate this year as “year of jubilation” for Israel? This is what I
fear: they will “philosemitically” celebrate the 70th anniversary of
the foundation of Israel at the expense of the Palestinian people.
Nauseating application to cooperate with an occupation
regime of the worst type
On the 31st of January, during the celebration
of the Holocaust Memorial Day, we have to oppose to the application submitted to
the Bundestag, as it supports apartheid, crimes against human rights, oppression
of Palestinians and the continuation of the illegal occupation of Palestine. It
is a nauseating application to support an occupation regime of the worst type. Not
in our name! If we remain silent, we will be guilty again.
Resigning means lying! (Erich Mühsam) We will not

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