God’s Favorite Color

Stelly Sr., Timothy N
God’s favorite color must be black
& the many variations thereof
Take a look around the world…
The real Miss Universe is the
mocha-colored maiden
w/nappy hair,
slender arms & a shy smile
She is from Tanzania
& is the mother of all men
Angelic is the honey-colored girl
from Alabama w/ green eyes and thick lips
a wide nose
& wide hips
or skin
painted bronze by the sun
w/charcoal eyes, lips persimmon
& curves sculpted by the steady
hand of the Lord
Brown as desert sand or the color of
newly-minted pennies dark as a fig
or as light
as butter
red-boned, café au lait, mahogany humankind’s rainbow
big thighs /
ass 4 daze or skinny as a rail
bald, permed
or giant afro
young, old
and all that in-between
She’s a queen
In a dashiki, muu-muu or skin-tight
She’s alluring even when she’s not
trying to be

Beautiful & BLACK— God’s favorite color.