Focusing on wars, from head to toe!

by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 3 January 2018, English
Translation by Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.
Apparently in Germany, Europe and the USA it is
not even permitted to talk about what the illegal occupation of Palestine
stands for.
Punctually, for the New Year 2018, at the 70th
anniversary of the foundation of the “Jewish State” at the expense of the local
Palestinian people, the governing Likud party announced that more parts of the
illegally occupied West Bank will be annexed soon. What is surprising is that
this decision of the Party Committee was taken in absentia of Prime Minister
Netanyahu, even if it perfectly corresponds to his political view.
This annexation deliberation is not obligatory,
but it focusses on the objective of “Eretz Israel”, pursued from the beginning.
And after the shameful Jerusalem decision taken by Trump, while the Western
“community of values” remains silent about this provocation concerning the
annexation of Palestinian land. 
This silence in particular permits the more than
600.000 Judaic settlers and land grabbers residing in the illegally occupied
Palestine, and that approximately 2,9 million Palestinians are entirely at the
mercy of these settlers “moving” on their land.
When the young Palestinian Ahed Tamimi is
brought to justice because she desperately tried to oppose the illegal
occupation, then she is a hero and a symbol of this struggle for freedom and
should be supported by the whole community of states! (1)
The reactions following Trump’s decision to
declare Jerusalem the “undivided” capital of the “Jewish State” were too
moderate, apart from a couple of desperate reactions ending with murdered
Palestinians. At the moment his announcement to move the US embassy to
Jerusalem is just a symbolic act, but one of big entity! It does not just
reflect a violation against international law, but it also does not care about
any UN resolution. Neither the USA nor the Netanyahu regime, accept
internationally recognised rules, because they are sure they will never be held
responsible for their arrogant and illegal way of acting.
Jerusalem may be the undivided capital of
Palestine in a future-oriented model of a free State for all citizens and
ethnic groups, having the same rights and obligations. For this objective it is
worth to struggle.
However, Trump and his “Kosher Nostra” create
facts which do not even consider the oppression of people living under
occupation in Palestine, and do whatever is required to establish the “Jewish
State” as absolute ruler. The game of power-politics violating human rights is
facilitated by the increasing support offered by many Arab nations, in
particular by Saudi Arabia, to the USA and the Netanyahu regime. Let us not
deceive ourselves: there is only one loser, and it will be Palestine and its
While the Saudi regime commits its crimes
against humanity in Yemen and the desperate population in the blocked Gaza
vegetates in a more and more merciless way, in the German media the “Jewish State”
celebrates itself for supporting Syrian fighters. While Gaza does not get
almost any medical aid, Syrian jihadists are treated by the Netanyahu regime,
after having been massively supported by the “Jewish State”.
If the “model Jew” Rafael Seligmann publishes
his comment in the FAZ whose warmongering and distortions of facts cannot be
outdone, and who indirectly calls for the German reason of state related to the
security of the “Jewish State” and even does not shy away from the war against
Iran, then the red line has already been crossed. In fact, the real background
of the riots in Iran, is connected with the struggle against Hezbollah and
Hamas. So we have to ask who are the real agitators and who controls them. (2)
If Palestinian President Abbas uses the Gaza
population as pledge for his own power without paying their wages and starves
them out, and if the Netanyahu regime wants to avoid democratic elections, this
will only promotes the total destruction of Palestine.
Who speaks about the uncountable arrests by the
Jewish occupiers or the air raids against Gaza? All that this Judaic State
terror regime does, is allowed because it is all justified as “self-defence,”
To every desperate rocket from the staved concentration camp of Gaza the
“Jewish State” reacts with massive murderous bombing attacks.
While every week in Tel Aviv thousands of
protesters oppose Netanyahu and his corrupt affairs and nobody calls for the
end of the occupation, then something is really wrong in this State! However,
Netanyahu declared that even in the case of a trial against him, he will not
resign. In the meantime, the Knesset already passed a law trying to cancel
justice and to protect politicians from trials.
Last week, again 14.000 new settler units were
announced, but this was not worth one line for the media. German politics and
media are adapted from head to toe to the Jewish occupation of Palestine. While
Germany is very quick with sanctions against Iran, Russia, and other “evil”
States, when it is about Israelis crimes against international law, Germany
does not even consider them, but just shamefully accepts the injustice
In addition, at this time the “Jewish State”
intervenes all over the world, in particular at U.S. universities to oppose the
important and efficient BDS campaign. It invests millions of dollars and is
supported by dedicated helpers in countless Jewish organisations and think
tanks, from the Jewish Agency to the Reut-Institute and the Hasbara opinion
manipulators of the “Israel Project.” In addition, Israel is supported by
countless Christian-Zionist evangelicals, consolidating these conditions. Even
if so much donations are used for this doubtful lobby work, and for new laws to
silence all criticism, we have not to give up and continue to support the BDS
movement. It is a war which has already started.
In the meantime all is superimposed by an evil
diversionary tactic which is anti-Semitism, Muslim anti-Semitism and the
nomination of a representative for anti-Semitism. This is a master propaganda
performance behind which all true intentions are hidden.
In my opinion, we urgently need a racism
representative overseeing media debates who would certainly not be cowed by
countless threats from the Israel lobby.
It is not acceptable that the term
“anti-Semitism” superimposes on everything, while the term occupation is not
even mentioned.
The number of Jewish critics dealing with the
subject is increasing, and the same can be said for non-Jewish critics. This
kind of marginalisation, also including professional consequences, is a power
factor which reminds me of the age of totalitarianism. And if this
marginalisation is not stopped, it will extend to become of catastrophic
dimensions. What about the freedom of opinion guaranteed to us all according to
our constitution, if by one measure only we have all to be silenced?
This cannot be a democratic world view, if the
loyalty towards the “Jewish State” is like a brand label, and there are only
two categories of Jews: the first one are the Jews who are in solidarity with
the illegal occupation and support it; the second Jews are the rebels who do
not want to accept this injustice and do not want to be held responsible for
In fact, I am concerned that certain Jewish
officials, organisations and politicians always try to represent themselves as
something ‘special” to avoid any criticism. While in the past it was
reprehensible to accentuate the religion of a Jewish citizen, today it has become
a normal propaganda practice to put “Jew” before the nationality. The reason is
that this way you can reactivate “tribalism” and “Jewishness” to be displayed
everywhere. Of course, this behaviour just applies in case of successful
people, athletes, artists, authors, while in case of unsuccessful people or
criminals this fact is ignored, and they are marginalised.
Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, but means
criticism against the Jewish Apartheid State, and this is increasingly
important. Defamation campaigns against critics will be reinforced this year on
the occasion of the “70 anniversary celebrations” of the “Jewish State.” The
public pressure against us will increase, and it will be more difficult to act,
because also within the group of pro-Palestinian activists there are many
enemies. People try to pursue their own goals, and so in the end this will just
be an advantage for the Zionists themselves.
If right and left-wing activists support the
“Jewish State” against other activists, then the final point will be reached,
because there is only one path in Germany which should be followed by the whole
society: we have to struggle for the freedom of Palestine.
I feel ashamed and it hurts me when Muslim
refugees are called anti-Semites, and when Muslim citizens and Islam are
increasingly offended.
How can it be that Arye Shalicar, an actual
Israel government official of the Israeli Intelligence Ministry and former gang
member in Berlin, on Facebook openly calls for the hunting of Palestinians in
Germany? (in the meantime, the call has been deleted) (3)
Does this not exactly fit with the research
conducted by The Intercept which concluded that Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg)
increasingly resigns to Israeli and US orders? (4)
In 2018 the criticism against the “Jewish State”
will gain importance: it has to focus on the racist Apartheid politics of the
“Jewish State,” and oppose  the illegal
occupation of Palestine, the violation of international law, to illegal
construction of settlements, and to the oppression of all Palestinian rights.
In particular Germany is responsible for the Palestinian people, the last
victims of Nazi Germany. If Star of David flags are burnt, then this only prove
the pent-up anger looking for an escape valve, which is more than understandable.
Unfortunately, in Germany there is only one
Party, the MLPD, supporting the unshakeable and legitimate struggle for the
liberation of Palestine. Its party chairman, Gabi Fechtner, was the only party
chairman in Germany participating to the 50th anniversary of the
foundation of the PFLP. Gabi Fechtner personally, the Internationalist League
and the MLPD have already offensively supported the liberation struggle of the
Palestinian people during the Federal Election Campaign. Thank you, MLPD!
We have to hope that the Turkish President
Erdogan will continue to engage for Palestine and build up the axis
Iran/Russia/Syria. This would be an important start into the New Year, and an
important signal for Palestine!
As long as the “Jewish State” is focusing on war,
from head to toe, we will be obliged to oppose to it! A Happy New Year 2018!