Hot Chocolate

Davis Jr., Vernon J.
She slips into the room so smooth and
Her narrow eyes sliding from side to
Her ruby lips are tepid and syrupy
and her skin is dark and sleek as the sky
She is Hot Chocolate
Sensuous smooth and soft
She is Hot Chocolate
An ebony brown broth
The soothing aroma of her stunning
presence brings out vibrant cafe’au lait emotions
The silky glow of her steamy essence
pours enchanting amber love potions
She is Hot Chocolate Rich,
 dark and warm
She is Hot Chocolate
In exotic succulent form
Her wafting movements are tasted by
all eyes
Her soft voice licked in by yearning
yielding ears
Who is this woman that no man can
Hot Chocolate, whose love arouses
inner fears
She is Hot Chocolate
Sweet, lucid and brown
She is Hot Chocolate

Warm desire is her crown