Ghetto Woman

Ruth Annie
Your family is ghetto people.
You know how I can tell
Your grandma was a drunkard
and your cousins live in cells.
You’ll turn out to be just like ‘em
Ain’t no sense of foolin’ yourself
you’re bound to be ghetto people for
you there’s nothing else.
Ain’t no sense of going to college
and keepin’ them imaginary goals
cause for all the ghetto people
the story has been told.
You either have ten babies
or live a life of crime
Yes, you ghetto people’s lives
not even worth a dime.
But if you don’t marry a bum
who beats you black and blue
you’ll probably end up in a box
with people crying over you.
‘Cause your family is ghetto people
you know you’re all the same
come on ghetto woman and
answer to your name.
Yes, I’m a ghetto woman and
my family made mistakes
my grandma was a drunkard
and my cousins the police have
Yes, I’m going to college and
I’ll always keep my goals
You just watch carefully
and see my story told.
I was a ghetto woman and
proud from whence I came
For being poor and living in slums
never be ashamed.
And even though I am a rich woman
the ghetto is in my heart
For in it I learned a sense of pride,
dignity, and my most essential part.
I learned that people can’t be judged
their family’s actions, or
the places which they call home.
For it’s a person’s heart and soul

to make a judgment on.