Palestine, doomed for all eternity? Remarks on the German election and Israel

by Evelyn
Hecht-Galinski, Sicht vom Hochblauen, 6 September 2017, English translation by
Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik.
What happened last Sunday during the so called
“Chancellor-Duel” between the CDU chancellor and the Social Democratic
challenger Schulz makes me speechless. In fact, the Social Democratic
candidate just negatively focussed on Turks and Palestinians.

If Schulz
becomes Chancellor (what I do not hope), he will claim for the end of
the EU accession talks with Turkey. Didn’t Schulz, who is a former
President of the EU parliament, know that these so called accession
talks were just a Fata Morgana, just as the so called peace talks
between the “Jewish State” and the Palestinians are? So what pushed
Schulz to take this hardline demeanor? Does he really aim to get votes
from far right and far left this way? Of course, this overconfident, now
sober alcoholic and former bookseller from Würselen, desperately tries
to improve his image to get a couple of percent points more than
indicated in the catastrophic poll ratings.
What made  the
Social Democratic candidate intolerable and ineligible to me was his
statement about young Palestinian men. Asked by Maybritt Illner (ZDF) if
“Islam belongs to Germany”, Merkel defended her statement by adding the
words “in accordance with the Constitution”. However she invited Muslim
scholars to distance themselves more strongly from “Islamic terrorism”.
However, I
would have wished to hear this claim from the German Chancellor also
towards the “Jewish Zionist occupyiers’ friends” in Germany who always
express their solidarity towards the “Judaistic State terror occupying
regime”. At this point I would like to ask her this: How is this attack
against human dignity compatible with our Basic Law and its article 1?
It states:
Article 1: “Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority”.
Article 2:
“The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable
human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in
the world”.
I have had
my doubts since a long time that German politicians acknowledge this
and act accordingly, in particular after this extremely suspect TV duel
that was prescribed as “obligatory program” on different TV channels.
The only alternative was the switch-off button!
So my
question is: How is this highest German constitutional principle
compatible with the ongoing creeping attempt to undermine many
fundamental rights? This applies to the questionable  expulsions, eavesdropping, new  face
recognition scanners, restrictions to the right to demonstrate,
reduction of freedom of assembly, barriers and blockades at state visits
and summits, whose sole purposes  are self-celebration and exclusion of the people, treating it as  a leashed dog with  the slogan “You have to stay outside”.
How about
the more than questionable arms supplies, including into crisis areas,
and the growing cooperation with dictators and terror regimes, hence  the “Israelization” of Germany?
Now I can
come to my main question: How is the basic law principle compatible with
the additional passage that the “security of Israel” is part of the
“German State Reason”, defended and supported by both candidates?
What I particularly criticise and what I found a brazenness  from
the challenger Schulz was that he spoke about the “deep anti-Semitism”
of young Palestinian men, to whom we have to tell that this protection
of Israel is part of the German state reason.
I found a
completely unnecessary derailment of the candidate. Instead, he should
have supported the threatened, occupied, and dispossessed Palestinians,
who have been mistreated by the Jewish state terrorism for decades (!)
now. This obligation towards Palestine and the Palestinians must be on
the agenda of a former Social Democratic EU-politician. Instead, Schulz
offended a people under occupation. I am asking myself if he was
“coached” by the representatives of the Central Council of German Jews
and the Israeli Embassy.
And I negatively remember this former EU Parliament President Schulz  when
on 25 February 2014 I was invited by a friend (who at that time was
still a member of the Social Democratic Party) and engaged struggler for
the freedom of Palestine to come to the inauguration of the Nakba
exposition at the Parliament in Strasbourg. There I heard that Schulz
had refused to inaugurate this important and worth seeing exposition
about the exodus and displacement of Palestinians in 1948.
This can
be said about the so called “solidarity” of the Socialist and Social
Democratic fraction in the EU Parliament with occupied Palestine. Once
again, the old, a bit changed saying fits for Social Democrats: “Who
betrayed the Palestinians: the Social Democrats”!
The Nakba
exposition was made possible by the liberal Alde fraction, even if its
liberal member, Graf Lambsdorff, vice-president of the European
Parliament, is a “declared and unconditional” friend of Israel.
In my opinion, Schulz by denigrating a group of people has disqualified himself as Chancellor candidate!
Merkel – I do not support for sure – would never bring off such a flop
and shame. She would never have offended so much the weakest, the
Palestinians, oppressed by the “Jewish State”, occupied, deprived from
their rights and own state, just to get votes.
started indeed with this defamation without being asked and with no
need. And this makes him unattractive for Palestinians, pro-Palestinian
activists and for many Turkish voters as eligible alternative to Merkel.

Martin Schulz was made honorary Doctor of Philosophy by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2014…
…but Angela Merkel was awarded this title already in 2007 and was made honorary Doctor of the Tel Aviv University in 2011

What we
can expect from the Green, left-wing and liberal politicians concerning
Palestine, however, is not more promising and leaves me at the ballot
box with great perplexity.
surprised me a lot was that the media accepted without any criticism
that the “Central Council” of the Jews in Germany, the newspaper
Jüdische Allgemeine and Jerusalem Post interfered in the German election
campaign by criticizing “radical Palestinians” in the lists of the
Marxist-Leninist Party (MLPD), with the philosemite Green politician
Volker Beck in their wave.
Beck even dared to ask why the Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine
was not forbidden. The candidates are on the list of the PFLP which is
on the “EU terror list” (because Israel requested it?). But fortunately
and rightly it is NOT FORBIDDEN in Germany. The MLPD has a list with
candidates  of the PFLP. And the
MLPD has candidates of at least ten different nationalities and is the
ONLY German party supporting the freedom of Palestine and standing for
it in its election agenda.(1)
In the
meantime, unnoticed by German politics and the German public, the
Judaistic reprisals of the Netanyahu regime against Palestinians and
Palestine go on. Netanyahu celebrates the 50 years of the occupation of
Palestine on stolen Palestinian land in the Judaistic illegal settlement
and guarantees to its illegal inhabitants that they have come to remain
there forever. In addition, he promised that under his government not a
single settlement will be dismantled, and that Jerusalem will forever
be the undivided capital of the “Jewish State”. After his return to
Jerusalem Billions of Dollars were given for new settlements in the
illegally occupied Palestine! (2)
In this
context, the Israeli hard-core Zionist and supporter of the occupation,
Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, attacks the judges, saying
that“Zionism will not lower its head” towards a universal system of
individual rights. She proclaimed the new Law supported by her Party
Likud and by Netanyahu and accepted by the Parliament, calling Israel a
“Nation-State of the Jewish People”, as a „moral and political
revolution“. This bill confers the “self-determination right” only to
Jews. Arabic is not an official language any more, but is downgraded to a
language with special status.
You can
imagine what this means to more than 20% Non-Jews, mainly Palestinians
with Israeli passports, to the dispossessed Bedouins, and to the few
remaining Christians in the “Holy Occupiers’ Land”!
Anyone who
until now didn’t want to acknowledge that the “Jewish State” is an
Apartheid State, should now be taught better and finally support the
boycott measures of the BDS campaign!
because of the German past, we are not allowed to ignore the injustice
of the so called “only” democracy in the Middle East, the ethnocracy of
the “Jewish State” committing land robbing, occupation, ethnic
cleansing, and a racist judaization. I had other expectations from ALL
German political parties: 50 years after the beginning of the second
occupation, and 69 years after the foundation of the “Jewish State” at
the expense of the displacement and occupation of a people, we have to
speak out against this injustice!
I also
appeal to German politicians and voters to think about how long this
illegal and unbearable situation will be continued with German help.
Palestine,  doomed for all eternity?