White Nationalists are not different from Zionists

by Mazin Qumsiyeh, Popular Resistance, 16 August 2017. Many readers asked me (also as a US citizen) to comment
in this blog on what is going on in race relations in the USA. I will briefly
say that the politicians who criticize Trump (both republicans and democrats)
are hypocritical. 
These same politicians who criticize Trump and his racist
minions never challenged hate directed at Muslims and Arabs in general. The
white nationalists and supremacists who are calling for ethnic cleansing and
for hate are no different than the Zionists that they adore and fund and who do
far more violence and atrocities. The hypocrisy in the US is more blatant and
sickening than the thugs that caused the mayhem in Charlottesville. But what
worries us more is that the distractions can allow us to slide more into a
nuclear world war (please watch news related to Iran and North Korea).
There are also credible reports of Zionist thugs
infiltrating both camps (‘left’ and ‘right’) to entice violence. I remember how
Zionists tried to infiltrate one of our demonstrations in Connecticut posing as
neo-Nazis to incite violence and mayhem. And we all know now how FBI agents
infiltrated civil rights groups doing the same things in the 1960s. If US
citizens do not wake-up to where the real danger comes from (the elites
profiting from all of this), the society will be torn apart by petty hatreds
that only serve the policies of ‘divide and conquer’ that are being implemented
in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. Arabs in those countries are waking up to that but
after much destruction. I hope fellow US citizens wake up to this early on.
The daughter of US ‘Ambassador’ to Israel (the “Jewish
State”) has moved here to Palestine as a new colonial settler. Like any Jew in
the world she and her father were considered nationals of the state even though
born in the US with no connection to this land other than religious
They can become citizens upon demand. Colonial Zionists
call those new colonists ‘olim’ referring to ‘those rising up’ as if being a
Jew in Poland or America is being in the gutters. For committed Zionists moving
here it this is just a formality because their betrayal of their own countries
and allegiance to a foreign power is their trademark. Just observe the rhetoric
of those in the US who support the billions of tax-payer money going to support
the largest terrorist organization in the world called the Israeli army. Watch
their rhetoric on Iran!
Friedman and his daughter supported and will continue to
support ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity and endless wars. The
question for Jews around the world: until when will you allow Zionists to tar
your community and your religion? When is the price of racism/‘Jewish
nationalism’ considered too high? (today 7 million of us Palestinians are
refugees or displaced people thanks to Zionists like Friedman and his
daughter). The questions for all US citizens: how will you challenge ALL racism
and bigotry? What will you do to work for justice, human rights, and equality?
How would you justify working against ‘white nationalism’ or ‘pan-Islamic nationalism’
(ISIS) but not against ‘Jewish nationalism’?