Casualties reported as car bombs rock Damascus

Juluy 2, 2017

One suicide bomber detonates himself in Tahrir square in central Damascus, while two others detonate on airport road.

A number of people have been killed or wounded after a suicide bombing struck an eastern district of Damascus, according to a Syrian state television report.

It said security forces intercepted three suicide car bombers on Sunday morning, blowing up two at the entrance to the city.

The third was able to enter the city and blew himself up after being surrounded in Tahrir Square, causing several deaths and leaving a number of people wounded.

Syrian state news agency SANA quoted a senior police official saying that “terrorists simultaneously blew up three cars”, two of them on the road to Damascus airport southeast of the capital and a third in the eastern Sahat Al-Tahrir district.

“The terrorist bombings killed and wounded several civilians and caused physical damage to the area,” the official said.