Dr. Ali H. Alyami – Interviewed by ProMosaik

by Aygun Uzunlar, ProMosaik. In the following my video to our interview with Dr. Ali H. Alyami, see here

For me political reforms in Saudi Arabia mean the transformation of Saudi political structure

from its current autocratic one-family-rule to a participatory political structure
where all citizens’ and expatriates’ civil liberties and full rights are protected

under the rule of codified non-sectarian laws,
and where citizens have the right to participate in their government and society.
This political reform would also guarantee social justice in the country,

the respect of minorities, and the promotion of women rights.
It is important to know from a direct source what really happens there

to get a real picture which is not based on prejudices of all kind.
Saudi Arabia is ruled by an absolute monarchy which considers all forms of free expressions as un-Islamic, therefore forbidden.
Our center struggles for the elimiation of all forms of censorship in Saudi Arabia and about Saudi Arabia.
It is essential to cooperate with our groups to promote democracy and social justice in Saudi Arabia.

Our work is considered un-Islamic and threat to Saudi reputation and domestic practices.
So we network with pro-democracy and human rights groups in the US, Europe,

and also with individuales in Arab and Muslim communities.