We’re Not Ready To Fight

April 3, 2017

That Which Doesn’t Kill You Leaves Scars
I’m in a strange position this month as a gonzo journalist, because I can’t really write about the major action I attended last month. 

The short version is that I attended a counterprotest against the Austin version of the national “March 4 Trump.” We were badly outnumbered, surrounded and attacked by fascist Trump supporters. I survived a serious assault and was hospitalized overnight. I now face a misdemeanor assault charge even though I was the victim, along with hospital bills, and this charge prevents me from writing much more.

Still, here’s the main lesson I learned — at least the one that’s safe to share: 

We are not ready. 

While we laughed at militias and sent jumbo buckets of lube to the Bundy Ranchers, they were obtaining military training and preparing for war … against us.